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A McDonald’s Application May Be The Start Of Your New Career

With the economy in a slump you might find yourself wondering what you can do to get yourself into position for a new career. If you are looking for a career working for a stable and established company then you should try filling out a McDonald’s application. You are undoubtedly familiar with the name and may have even worked for them in the past.

Perspectives On Becoming A Nursing Entrepreneur

We are slowly emerging from the Great Recession. Millions have endured the fear and financial sting of losing their jobs. Many are searching for a career that is stable, pays well and provides opportunities for advancement. Becoming a nursing…

Easy Steps That Can Assist You to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants (CNA) are caregivers who assist their patients for their daily activities while they are staying in a health care facility. Their main tasks are to take vital signs, comfort the patient and listen to their patient’s concerns. They also assist in feeding, dressing, ambulating and toileting.

Social and Business Kissy-Huggy Stuff – Okay or Yuck! Pooey!

Is inappropriate social and business familiarity out of control? The author says “Yes!”

The Truth About Recruiters That the Recruiting Industry May Not Want You to Know About

That’s right… I’m outing some of the secrets of the Recruiting Industry! Why? To help YOU…the job seeker.

Why You Should Be Wary Of Some Online Dental Recruitment Sites

Increasingly these days when it comes to dental recruitment more and more people are heading online to find their next dental job. But whilst this can easily be seen as a new, faster and better way of tracking down the best dental vacancies there is a danger that people may confuse ‘online’ for ‘better’.

Looking For A Dental Job? Cut Out The Weakest Link!

Technology and materials have come on so far that it is now affordable and convenient for almost anyone to benefit from cosmetic treatments which will significantly improve their smile. It would be reasonable to assume therefore that based on this sustained growth anybody looking for a dental job would have relatively little difficulty in securing employment.

A Few Ways to Build Closer Relationships at Work

People do things for people they like. And, there’s no better example of that happening than in the workplace. I’m often asked about strategies employees can use to build closer relationships with their coworkers. And when I am, I usually share a few basic ideas.

Five Reasons Why Nursing Is Such A Popular Career Path Today

Every year, nearly half of the total population of enrollees for college is heading off to the nursing building. Hundreds of thousand nurses review and pass the board exams, and get licensed biannually (since board exams are held twice a year). Still, more and more are lining up just to get that nursing degree. Despite the growing number of the nurse populace, Nursing is still on the trend as one of the career paths today. Here are five reasons to tell you why.

The Importance of Joyful Work in the Second Half of Life!

After 40, people start thinking of joyful working, happiness, priorities, etc. Focus on new movement, new hope and build new energy in life. This gives a perfect vocational day for your life.

How to Be the Best You Can Be at Work

Work times need to be treated with special respect. You need to eat well when you have to work. I cannot overemphasize how important that is. The more healthy food you eat the more your machine (your body) can be energetic and feel the best to work and do a good job. The body also has a better capability to produce its best work.

Parents and Aspiring Models Want To Know If All Models Must Pose Nude

To be, or not to be nude “in print or in person” as a model should always be the choice of the model. It is a personal choice that can really become an issue to a model that chooses not to pose nude. (Even at runway shows, fittings, garment changes at shoots, etc…often models are undressing in public areas vs. a private room). Models (and parents) should not fool themselves that it will never happen just because they insist on privacy, so the best plan is to “have a plan”.

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