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2 ‘Around the House’ Careers

Doing work to make other people’s homes look their best is a growing industry. Both the careers below offer interesting and lucrative opportunities for jobseekers.

Using Accountability Groups in Your Job Search

Are you using an accountability group in your job search? If not, you may consider joining one to help you stay on track.

New in Your Job? Read This Article

Being new in your job means facing new set of faces, coupled with varied behaviors that could send you in a shock and might cause you sleepless nights, and the like… well, read on and find some weapons to combat the ordeal. As a new employee or worker or what in an office, workplace or whatever… you can encounter a lot of so-called “culture” shock from the environ. Yes, with different types of people in the workplace–you tend to be caught flat footed with some behaviors that can be annoying, out of this world– the professional world, I mean, things like that.

The Arts and Ways of Being a Travel Agent

A travel agent is an individual who works with people to offer them the advisable holiday arrangements they demand. Particulars of the job include : extending advices for uncanny vacation places and superior destinations, valued transport and what vehicle to hire, where to stop, what packages and excursions to get, what the atmospheric condition will be, the locale rules and traditions, sights to check, passports and visas, exchange rates, are among others.

What is a Court Reporter?

A court reporter takes down notes a word-for-word report of legal exchanges, keeps it in a written copy and preserves it for reference. This legitimate record will then be acquirable to jurors, attorneys, and other legal personnel. For people who like to take on this kind of job, keenness, an eye for detail, and the power to work well under pressure is the key.

Tips on How to Be a Secretary

Being a secretary is not a job that is standard. In different companies the role of a secretary is very different, or you could be a legal or medical secretary etc. So do not assume that all secretarial jobs are the same. Indeed the role of a secretary in a large, corporate organization may be very different from being a secretary in a small, family run business.

Business of Communicating

Being able to communicate in a business environment is very important, and most people are not very good at it. This article provides quick proactive tips to strengthen communication for positive business interactions.

Coping With Job Loss – Pull the Wagons Into a Circle

The average American worker will have 6.4 employers during a career. The days of hiring on with a firm and staying for the “gold watch” ceremony went the way of rotary dial telephones. Changing jobs is simply a part of the workplace landscape. But coping with a job loss is scary, and if you’re not prepared, it could be disastrous.

Your Encore Career – Three Steps to Take You From Now to an Encore Career

Many women don’t want to retire in the traditional sense but instead want to create an encore career that is more aligned with who they are at this stage in their life. There are many tools that help the 50+ find jobs, but they won’t help unless you’ve done some foundation work first. Here are 3 steps you need to complete as you consider your encore career:

Family Life Messages About Work and Careers

It didn’t matter to my mom, bless her heart, if I wanted to be a musician, I should be a teacher. If I wanted to be a teacher, I should be a veterinarian. If I wanted to be a veterinarian, I should be a lawyer.

What You Value Most is What You Should Be Doing Most

If you are not living your values, then I challenge you now to start living your values because what you value most is probably going to provide you with a life filled with joy and happiness. A way to start living your values is to begin to write goals related to these values.

7 Career Survival Tips For Turbulent Times

Almost every news item these days is about job losses, bailouts and stimulus packages…pretty despairing stuff. This past January, 129,000 Canadians lost their jobs; Bombardier announced recently that it was laying off 1,320 employees; Chrysler is thinking of temporarily closing down some of its plants. One of these plants, with over 3,000 employees, is in my city (Brampton). Such news is painful, and if we add that to what’s happening all across the United States, and the rippling effects being felt all around the world, we could very well be experiencing an “economic tsunami”, according to a Microsoft TV ad.

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