How Much Does Howe 2 Live Make On YouTube

Advice on Assessment Centres

If you’ve watched ‘The Apprentice’ or entertainment-oriented shows featuring judging panels, you might think you have a passing idea of what an assessment centre is all about. Really, you don’t know the half of it unless you’ve been to one yourself.

Why Should I Pursue Physician Assistant As My Own Career?

When we talk about physician assistant (PA), many will confuse this profession with medical assistant, nurses, and doctors. These professions have their similarities in somewhere or rather. The most obvious one perhaps should be their objective is to save people lives but in actual fact, they have different underlying philosophies in training and practice.

How to Find an Effective Recruiter (It’s Not Through the Job Boards)

Recruiters are getting a bad rap these days, but that’s because most people are coming in contact with the ones that are ineffective. The ineffective ones don’t fully understand the process and tend to troll the job boards for loose resumes. The way to find a recruiter is to be pro-active and go looking for ones that aren’t necessarily in the job board lights. Here are a few ways to accomplish that.

Australian Federal Police – Job Application Tips

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is Australia’s leading law enforcement agency. The AFP employs staff in a diversity of roles, including: non-policing; community policing; Federal Agents; and, the Protective Services. Applying for a position in the AFP involves a number of stages.

Career Sabotage

Being a business leader is not for the faint of heart. It can be a dog eat dog environment characterized by achievement, competition, politics and sometimes (unfortunately) treachery. I have seen more than a few careers that have been sabotaged throughout my 27 years as an executive leader and coach.

How to Pass My Medical Assistant Training

Medical Assistant (MA) Training is part of the process in becoming a MA. In order to secure a pass, we need to go back to the basic principles.

What it Takes to Gain That Long Desired Job Promotion

Working on your character is very important hence avoid behavior that will make your boss question your integrity or honesty. In addition, try your level best to be a…

Can You Become a Physical Therapist Through Online Study?

In the process of becoming a qualified physical therapist, you are required to complete your master degree or doctorate degree by either attending classes at the university or through online study. Some people do not really trust that online study will produce good professional. In fact, the success is based on the execution.

Creating Professional Fulfillment

I read a survey recently which stated that over 50% of people were dissatisfied with their job for one reason or another. That’s a significant amount of dissatisfaction. At a personal level that is a huge shame. At an organizational level it is a performance and economic disaster.

Reasons to Start Business Today

We think that job is security; it gives us money to survive. It is something that we imbibe from the world around us.

Careers in Aviation – 6 Types of Pilot Certificates You Can Get

If you have moved up the ranks in Pilot licenses where you are now a qualified recreational Pilot you may want to consider at least going onto the next level. Out of the nine available levels to you then you would now be entering level 5, which would be the qualified private pilot.

Career Or Calling? – Vocation and the Helping Professions

Most of what is written about the idea of vocation in the sense of “a calling” to a career is written about religious vocation. I believe, however that what is written has some relevance to all powerfully felt attractions to careers especially to those in the artistic or helping professions. Vocational callings have the characteristic requirement that the personal values of the aspirant be coherent with those of the domain or the institution. Luigi Rulla, writing about vocation, emphasizes the importance of congruent values even over questions of ability.

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