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Switching IT Careers – Tips To Help Career Transition

Making a career change in any market is a tough thing to do. There are many challenges associated with switching industries (or a vertical market move) in the IT world, but doing so is not impossible.

I Hate My Job! 3 Steps to Take to Make Your Job Tolerable

Why do so many people hate their jobs? Is there anything you can do to have a happier work life. Here are three common issues and recommendations to help you achieve peace in the workplace.

Deciding Upon a Career – The Industry and the Company

The job that you will eventually hold will play a significant role in your life. Thus, choosing a career is very critical to your general sense of satisfaction with life itself. You need to keep in mind all the parameters, from your personality traits to your acquired skill set to what you want from life.

A Career As A Radiologic Technologist

If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a radiologic technologist, there are many directions you could take toward achieving your goal. There are radiologic technologists working in pretty much every type of health care setting you could possibly imagine, from large urban hospitals to doctors’ offices out in rural communities.

Choosing The Right Career Path For Yourself

Attaining success in your profession is not easy. It is remarkable how many people fail to achieve that perfection in their careers simply because they did not take time out to analyse what their attitude towards success is and what success looks like for them.

How to Balance Your Social Life With Your Working Life

We live in a flexible world. One on which social media and improved technology has made keeping in touch faster and easier than ever before…and it’s not over yet! So has all of this progress actually helped or hindered our everyday work/life balance?

The Human Touch! A True Story of Career Change

At a job interview, be yourself, adapt, and show your human side. It can make the difference!

4 Places to Find Your Next Job Online

Finding a new job is tough at the best of times, but jobseekers searching during times of recession have it even harder. If you’ve exhausted all your efforts hunting the high street going door-to-door or via job centres, maybe you should take your search online. Here are four places you can look to try and find your dream job online:

How to Start a Seasonal Summer Job Search

Do you plan to do a job in the summer? If you do then you should apply now. Most of the companies start looking for candidates by spring for summer internships and job applications so that they can start interviewing the candidates they want to recruit by summer. It is not too early to start planning and searching for a suitable new job or internship.

What Do You Want?

Are you dissatisfied with the way things are right now? What are you unhappy about? Your kids, your spouse, the amount of money you make, your job? Whatever you are unhappy about, the cause often goes back to one thing: do you even know what do you really want?

Energy Auditor: A Great Green Profession

If you are seeking a rewarding career in home energy upgrade industry, now is a great time to become an energy auditor. According to a recent OES survey, an energy auditor is listed as a new and emerging occupation. Amid a rising demand for environmentally friendly services and the government push for sustainability, the opportunities for this profession will continue to raise.

IT Meetings – How To Run A Meeting

Meetings in the information technology industry a part of the role. Some people like them, some people don’t. At some point in your IT career, you might be required to run IT meetings. Here are a few tips to run an effective meeting.

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