How Much Does IBXtoycat Make on YouTube

Police Officer Jobs

Police officer careers are a natural for many transitioning military vets. Opportunities for police officers are growing throughout the United States.

7 Tips to Write a Perfect First Resume

You choose a template to create your resume but get stuck in the work experience section. Almost all entry-level candidates face this dilemma – what do you put in the work history when you never have had any ‘real’ job? The good news is even a fresher can create a resume that captures the attention of the recruiters!

Mind Over Matter Equals Success

I wanted to share something with you that I have learned as to why there are those people out there that just seem to succeed in everything that they try. It just works for whatever reason… But first let me go back a little and explain when I discovered this.

Overcome Job Search Jitters

You sit staring at your phone in nervous anticipation, willing it to light up with the call that could change your life. You check to see if it’s getting reception, and then refresh your inbox to see if that special person has emailed you with a date and time to meet up. You get nervous butterflies in your stomach while your new messages load, but then it sinks when your folder fills up with spam. Do they not like you? Was there a spelling mistake in your cover letter?

Soft Skills Improvement Tips

Soft skills as opposed to hard skills, also known as technical skills, are those skills that revolve around interpersonal relationships, attitude, character, and personality. Although soft skills are hard to quantify, they relate directly to how you are perceived by your superiors, coworkers, subordinates, and clients. In other words, they ultimately play a role in how your career will progress.

Setting Good Career Goals

A new year has started. With this comes the desire to make changes to your life for many people. One of the most effective ways to do this is to set goals – targets that define what you want to achieve at the end of a specific process. Goal setting can be done in many areas of your life – your personal life, your finances, or your career, just to name a few. In this article I’ll be outlining the importance and the process of setting good career goals.

Why the Boss Doesn’t Have to Be the Bad Guy

Sometimes being the boss feels like being the bad guy. Bosses and managers feel like parents – parents can be friendly with their employees (children) but not friends. Because, at some point, their job hasn’t changed. Bosses are still bosses and need to make sure everything gets done. A boss doesn’t have to be the bad guy – even though it can feel like it at first. You CAN be a boss AND be a good guy too. It comes down to effective strategy implementation and good people management.

Singapore Still an Investment Priority Despite Rising Cost Concerns

Know how Singapore is good place for investment. Is is worth to set up company there.

Pushy Vs Pushover: Why Nice Guys Finish Last in the Workplace

Do you feel like you’re too nice? Are you constantly seeking the approval of others, and then wonder why you feel like a doormat? Most women want to be “liked” and there’s nothing wrong with that but sometimes that “need” overshadows our decision making skills and distracts our ability to stand up for what we want and believe in. During my entrepreneurial journey I have made that mistake more than once with employees and clients, and in the end I was the one that gave in, submitted, and got burned. There is a fine line between standing up for yourself and being the office “*itch” but no one said being a leader was easy. This article will help you find that balance, you can be nice and assertive. You can’t change the world if you are seeking permission… you must go out there and make it happen!

A Good Job With A Lot Of Fringe Benefits

By the time a teenager gets to high school, they are thinking about what they want to do after high school is over and they have graduated. However, finding the right career is sometimes a challenge. One kind of job that people are interested in working in is consulting.

I Hate This Job Pt. 2: How to Start a New Career Doing What You’re Passionate About

Nothing is worst than to emotionally struggle for 2 weeks while working a job you hate only to get paid & still be broke. While reading this article you will learn the benefits of pursuing your passion versus working a job that you strongly dislike.

Fitness Modeling Is a Growing Industry

When it comes to fitness modeling, you will find a number of things you should be knowledgeable of for you to get your body in shape, if you want to have continual success in modeling. Whether it’s researching lighting or even studying the correct pose, a fitness model should be completely conscious of her environment.

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