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Have You Chosen the Right Career?

Believe it or not, almost everyone at some point in their career will stop and wonder if they are in the right job. Some will even question whether or not they have chosen the right career. Ask yourself these questions:

What College Grads Don’t Know Might Hurt Them

Many college graduates will enter the working world with energy, optimism, and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, many may also be greeted with a reality illustrated by the expression “Welcome to the Jungle.” Earning a college degree proves that a student has completed assignments and passed tests for four years, but are they truly prepared for what lies ahead?

Overcoming Age Discrimination

Ask any job hunting Baby Boomer about the challenges he or she is experiencing while seeking employment and age discrimination is likely the top one. A recent poll conducted in January of 2011 shows that 71% think they would be more employable if they looked younger, and according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there was a 17% jump in the number of age discrimination complaints filed since 2007. If this factor is true, then it is certainly almost impossible to prove, as no hiring manager would openly admit to this because it is illegal to discriminate against age. It’s also possible that hiring managers might not be aware they are being influenced to favor the youth over the elder. So, if this popular perception of age discrimination truly does influence the hiring decision, then it faces great challenges to actually be proven…

Valentine’s Day – Handling Office Romance

It’s not surprising that romance in the office is fairly common these days, considering we spend a third or more of our lives in a work environment. This article discusses some tips on how to professionally handle romance in a work environment.

Cover Letter or Chance?

It is fairly simple to find a job online and click to apply, but without a compelling and thoughtful cover letter you are leaving it all up to chance. Sending out just your resume to a potential employer is not only discouraged, it is also frowned upon. In this competitive market recruiters and human resource professionals suggest that every time you send out an application you must always include a cover letter….

You Can Have a Great Career In Respiratory Therapist Jobs

Various career options are available for qualified respiratory therapists. Also called as respiratory therapy technician or respiratory specialist, the person is responsible to prevent, treat and evaluate the breathing and cardiopulmonary illnesses. Most of the respiratory therapist jobs are available in hospitals but they can also be undertaken in anesthesiology, respiratory care and pulmonary departments. Mainly because of growth of elderly population, the respiratory therapist jobs are available in huge numbers. Advances to treat the premature children and other cardiopulmonary diseases contribute in overall development of this field. Some other factors include environmental reasons that can worsen or cause the respiratory diseases and smoking.

What Type of People Would Suit Working From Home?

The type of people that would benefit from working from their own home could be any one, but this type of position could be suited best for single mums or dads who have to look after their children. Your work could fit around your ever so hectic family commitments and obligations that are a part of our modern lives. Disabled people would also benefit from working from home as mobility may be a major problem when commuting from a regular nine to five job is an issue.

The Advantages of Working From Home

The advantages of working from home can be advantageous for a lot of people, there are a number of benefits from taking this avenue of employment, one of which is the senses of freedom and escape form the nine to five toil of working a normal type of job. A lot of people in this day and age are opting to work from home either for the company or businesses that they are working for at the moment or on a self-employed basis either way the same freedoms applies. There are a number of options open to anyone who…

Occupational Therapist Job Description

If we look at the overall occupational therapist job description, their basic function is to assist patients in making themselves self-reliant. As the name suggests the therapist helps the patients to regain or develop the ability to do day-to-day occupations and skills the patient was used to before or develop a skill which the patient was never able to do. The patient may be suffering from disabilities at the physical or mental level due to depression, stress or trauma, or can also be due to improper development of the body or brain usually as a result of birth defects. The duty of the therapist is help the patient regain or develop day-to-day skills which have been lost, so that they need not depend on anybody and can carry on with dignity. The main focus will be on improving social and motor skills of the patients.

Writing Your CV With No Work Experience

While searching for jobs, many first time candidates fail to measure up to the work experience requirement by many employers. This brings the search to an abrupt halt with many questions lingering in the mind of the job seeker like where do people get this experience unless given the opportunity to work. However it is worthy noting that lack of work experience should no longer stop one from pursuing their dream job. The lack of it can be compensated by understanding a number of other elements which a job seeker ought to make a strong mention of in his/her resume. The soft and hard skills, personality and individual interests hold the key for a successful job search for any fresh graduate.

How An Occupational Therapist Salary Differs By Location

An occupational therapist salary is quite lucrative in comparison to the salaries of other health care workers. An occupational therapist is mainly concerned with therapy that helps patients regain their motor skills after a physical or mental trauma, or due to old age. The therapist has to plan and execute programs as per the requirements of each patient and it also involves teaching skills for using adaptive equipments.

Outsourcing Staff Recruitment Can Help Organizations Attract Better Talent

Understanding the recruitment process is one of the main objectives of any management. The success of an organization or business is driven to a considerable extent by the quality of its staff. Recruiting staff with the right skills can add value to a business.

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