How Much Does Incredible Tiny Homes Make on YouTube

Do Hiring Managers Judge You by Your Email Address?

Responsible hiring managers may not-so-much judge you based on your email address; but it does make them question why you are offering it as information they should know about you. If the email address you are offering is one that you’ve used since you were thirteen years old, chances are it isn’t one you should still be using as a person who is seeking better employment.

Should You Remain Unhappy in Your Job, or Look for ‘Your Happy’ Elsewhere?

How many times have you heard someone tell you that they are unhappy where they currently work? Maybe it is a secret you conceal about your own unhappy situation because voicing it would offend those who are unemployed right now. “Be happy that you even have a job,” is the common phrase we hear all over the place regardless of industry or job function.

How Do You Know That This “One” Is For You?

When you’re considering a new job opportunity, and you’re gaining ground with the hiring manager with each interview experience, you soon find yourself at the point when you seriously have to evaluate whether or not this new opportunity is truly that “one” for you at this exact time in your life. How do you know for sure? What are the right questions you should ask yourself as you contemplate all of the possibilities?

Qualifying in the Field of Occupational Therapy

There are a wide variety of positions in the therapy industry available and occupational therapy is one of the fastest growing specialities. This article details the typical roles encountered in the position as well as entry requirements to get into the role.

Four Tips on How to Make a Success Out of Your Career Choice

We human relation experts in our dealings with countless numbers of employees have discovered that most have chosen careers that they really are not comfortable with. However, we know that by implementing these tips it will enable the average career seeker discover his passion early and consequently his true calling in life. Above all it will make for a happier and contented person who loves what he does for a living and is enthusiastic about it.

Coaching for Business, Who Needs This?

It’s extremely important for a beginning business to build on foresight to reduce the risk of eventually losing the business. Find out how a business coach and coaching for business are reducing the risk of starting a business.

Common Questions And Answers For Interviews – Marketing

Many students from different institutions of higher learning usually graduate with various disciplines. One such discipline is the human resource. The greatest challenge is usually to secure a well paying jobs. It is therefore important to be well versed with the common questions and answers for interviews. Some of the questions and their answers include:

Common Questions And Answers For Interviews – General

Preparing for the common questions and answers for interviews will help you in landing your dream job. However, you need to be attentive enough in replying smartly to questions that are not expected usually. Work out on the issues and topics on which might be questioned by the interviewers. This will be helpful for you in preparing better.

Common Questions And Answers For Interviews – Sales

An interview for a position in sales will have slightly different questions to other interviews. I’m going to take you through some of the common questions and answers that you may get in an interview for a sales position.

Getting Your Mature Voice Without Getting Old

One of the common challenges participants in our previous workshops shared is “sounding young.” It affected their professional life, especially when meeting prospects and negotiating with clients. 2 of the participants once said, “Sometimes I have to press my voice down so that I can sound more mature and credible.

Three Strategies for Employee Career Development

We in the human resource practice have often observed and counseled, questioned and even helped employees in this kind of situation with requisite career advice. It is therefore for this reason that human resource practitioners have come up with career development strategies that should assist employees in their career planning and growth. These strategies when utilized bring about greater employee self awareness.

Change, Give It A Whirl

Whether we embrace it or not, change is evident in business and is something we can work with, or against. Change can bring new beginnings in business, new opportunity, and a chance for us to take another step in a positive direction. Yet, change can also catch us off guard, make us question the motives, and push us to resist. The way we react is our choice and, if given the chance, change can continue to catapult our career forward.

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