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Create a Great Resume to Attract Recruiters and Employers Attention

Unclear how to write a resume to attract a Recruiter’s attention? You are certainly not alone in this regard. There are many people today who are seeking work opportunities and who are not sure how to write a resume.

Navigating Your Mid-Career Transition

Are you having a mid-career crisis? Deciding to move into a more fulfilling career can be equal parts thrilling and downright scary. By following these five tips for navigating into your new career, you can keep your sanity while following your dreams.

Getting Your Ideas Out of Your Head and Into Action Is Easy

It’s been long said, that the richest place on earth is the grave yard. Do you have an idea that has been swimming around in your head for too long now? What are you waiting for the take the first step?

The 4-Step Formula for Manifesting Success in Your Business

Have you ever been on a job interview where you were asked, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Have you ever wondered why they would ask such a question when you are so focused on being in the moment? Well, let’s evaluate what the interviewer is REALLY asking.

Three Secret Ways to Create Confidence

Have you ever wished for more confidence? If so, you’re not alone. We’re drawn to it in others, aspire to it for ourselves, but more often than not, never have enough of it.

Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job (Yet)

How to decide whether you’re ready to quit your job or just reacting to a bad day. This article shares ways to look at your current position and situation before handing in your resignation letter.

Careers – How To Craft A Winning Strategy

Job search seems to be the most difficult part of any career path, but this is just a popular misconception among most people. Career planning and management is the most difficult process involved in getting most careers on the right footing and this is what most career persons get wrong.

Career Advice – Want A Fulfilling Career Life?

Have you ever considered getting professional career advice in your pursuit of a fulfilling career life? Whether you are a student, fresh graduate, relatively experienced professional or a highly experienced professional in the management levels, you need to do some basic career planning which will only be successful if you can get a professional to help clarify what is expected of you.

Lean Black Belt Certification, A Step by Step Guide

To get Lean Black Belt Certification, you have to complete a specific project. Candidates can complete a couple of projects and signed affidavits. Another option is to complete one project and an affidavit that is signed for the same, along with three or maybe more years of working experience.

Important Thoughts on Job Hunting

No matter what your current economic situation, social status or physical ability everyone has the ability to find a job. All it takes is a little reading, and you too could be well on your way to finding one. This is not a tutorial on finding your dream job, though some of the concepts may help you in doing so. This is an article on tips that will help you find a job regardless of your background, work history, age or economic level.

You’ve Got to Please Yourself: Have a Code You Can Live By

Why Rick Nelson and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young are still relevant today. How two of their songs will resonate in your professional life.

Supermodel Expectations

It’s no question that models are getting younger and younger in years. Most of the newest faces on covers of magazines are as young as 14 or less. Commencing early is an advantage that is definitely worth it because of the vast career options.

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