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Walk in My Shoes

A young, well-educated, gentleman named Mark joins a firm as a marketing assistant. About four months into the job, he is told that he is being assigned to work with IT on a new project that will help the sales and marketing department. See the impact of working with IT through the eyes of a rising star in the business side of the organization.

How to Plan For Your Career Rationally

If you don’t plan your career form the beginning and you just jump into some path and you aren’t sure if you like it or not, it might result in a career change later on in your life. So when you plan your career you need to take some time out, think about it and then plan rationally. Or else you might end up working at a job you hate and then later on if you change your path it might become difficult for you.

Holistic Home Business Ideas

Sometimes it might just happen that you can’t go out and start a business because of your housework or your family and so on. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t work at all, you won’t do any sort of business at all.

Frustrating Hill

Are you creating a frustrating hill for the business community? A friend of mine just returned from Italy visiting his wife’s family. During the trip, the gracious family offered my friend the use of his car.

Experience Wanted

What business wants is to work with someone that is enjoyable to work with on an ongoing basis. Learn what business people want by testing yourself.

Listeners Last Longer Than Most

I read in the book You, Inc. by Harry and Christine Beckwith that if you watch reality shows, you will notice that the person that sits up and listens to the other contestant’s problems, such as stresses, missing of family members, etc., that they are among the last to be voted off.

Which Comes First – Technical Skills, Process Or Relationship?

Ask any technologist what comes first in building quality systems and the answer will be technical skills, process and (maybe) business relationship. After interviewing several CIOs and Business Applications Executives, they will tell you the same thing.

Sony PlayStation – Getting Game Tester Jobs and Beyond

How do people end up working jobs like video game producing for a company like Sony? Many video game producers started off with game testing. Mike Giam Senior Producer is one of those people. He’s partially responsible for games like Twisted Metal and Jet Moto.

Practical Career Change Advice – Don’t Wait at the Stop Light!

Are you waiting for the perfect time to change careers? Do you get a good idea and pencil it “to be done” later? Are you overwhelmed by all your ideas to create your dream life and just put them on the shelf? Most people are “comfortable” in their current jobs and don’t want to rock the boat. They have a steady source of income, health insurance benefits and that’s enough. But do you realize if you’re not working on your dream, on your life, on your future, you are helping someone else build theirs? Which would you rather invest in – yourself or someone else?

Career Direction – Who Decides What’s Next?

You’ve decided you’d like a new career direction, be it because you’re currently unemployed; finding your current role unfulfilling; failing to make any career progression; lacking motivation; or thinking about setting up your own business. The array of career directions you could choose to pursue are numberless; even if you know you’d like to be an entrepreneur, there are still decisions to be made about what type of business you’d like to run…

$21 Per Hour Jobs – Is That Really Enough?

Have you recently been laid off? Maybe you are tired of your current job and are looking for another opportunity.

Career Advice to Becoming a Lawyer

LLB means to be a lawyer is not crime related cases. After this course you Business Law, Corporate Law, Patent Law, Tax Law, International Law, Real Estate Law, Labour Law, Cyber Law etc. also can create strong position.

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