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Answers to 6 Resume Questions That Will Make Your Resume Rock

Sometimes it’s hard for many jobseekers to understand the rationale behind why resumes must be a focused, skill laden persuasive document, focused on WIIFM – what’s in it for me (the employer). Here are 6 questions that have been asked and answered for job-winning resumes to developed properly.

And What Do You Do? Getting Ready For This Season of Networking

What Do You Do? This is generally the first of a few questions that we ask each other when we meet someone. With the upcoming mandatory work functions, community events, school socials and political gatherings, you are sure to hear the question, “And what do you do”? Most people do not understand that they are a professional of some sort. Well, in the new workforce – you know the one that is more tech savvy than your grandparents workforce days – it behooves you to understand your value in the job that you have, t to understand your value in your extracurricular activities as well to understand your value in being able to capture your future new endeavors. Understanding your value and being able to speak clearly about them is the first step to making good connections.


Hiring officials, personnel officers and team leaders are looking for professionals who can generate a significant return on their investment in you? What does your resume lack? I bet it lacks the look, the action, the competence, knowledge, knack and strategic planning of a job-winning resume.

To Get The Job That You Want, You Must READ

Do you know how you can find that wonderful job that you seek? Read. Yes, READ! Really. Eagerly. Ask. Display.

6 Bits of Career Advice for Felons and People With Criminal Records Seeking Their Next Great Job

All Americans preparing to start life anew deserve the right to obtain gainful employment after serving their time in jail. If you are searching for your start over dreams, they start right now. Please consider these 6 bits of career advice. Prepare yourself to show your future employer that you have the skills that they need to get the job done and that you are willing to do what it takes. We salute you and wish you well in your job search.

You Have the Degree But You Are Really Not Prepared to Go to Work – 5 Ways to Get Ready

Most people who go back to school do not have a realistic idea of how to translate their education to the world of work. Here are tips to help college students get ready to go to work.

China’s New Trend in Security: Female Bodyguards

Female Bodyguards in Chine is becoming a growing trend. Come check out why!

3.5 Ways Coaching Can Make Your Career Transition Easier

Before an athlete plays a game they work with their coach. Before a performer performs they work with their coach. You deserve no less. If you are in career transition you too should work with a coach.

Why Study Abroad?

Have you ever pondered upon, how many students, like you, are aspiring to pursue their higher education in another country? As per an article in the Times of India, approximately 1,200 to 1,500 Indian students board international flights with the desire to study abroad EACH year.

Finding A Suitable Job Online

Most of the people would agree with the statement that the internet has changed the entire scenario of finding a job. Finding a job online is really simple and convenient. Though, you still need to work hard in order to get the best possible results but if you just concentrate hard on your skills then you can easily come across a tailor made job that can change your life forever.

Job Description of a Phlebotomist

The job description of a phlebotomist can vary greatly depending on your specific employment situation. Understand that there are various medical jobs that you will see in a healthcare setting. Many of these jobs overlap each other and the team effort may mix various job titles and responsibilities. There are many variants of the typical phlebotomist’s job and expectations change from employer to employer.

10 Best Career Development Practices for 2013

A revised list of the ten most advantageous tactics a career-oriented professional can do consistently to enhance their career. A summary of each practice is included.

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