How Much Does Jeff & Inthira Make on YouTube

Need Help Finding a Job? A Consumer Notification Report

When it comes to changing careers or seeking a new position, it helps to know which industries have job security, earnings potential, and the possibility for career advancement. Explore some cool careers, emerging industries, and recession-proof jobs.

Oil Spill Cleanup Jobs

The Gulf oil spill has affected the local fishing market, the tourism industry and has resulted in a major number of people going out of work. Nearly 423 miles of the shoreline across the Gulf of Mexico is being affected by the 100,000 barrels of petroleum oil that gushes out of broken pipes each day. The petroleum companies that are responsible for this ongoing disaster are hiring people to help in cleaning up the oil mess by providing oil spill cleanup jobs to the masses. Many NGOs and other voluntary organisations have taken up the cleanup drive along the shoreline.

Benefits of Learning From Corporate Leaders

A corporate leader can shape and mold your corporate character either way, good or bad, depending on the sort of influence you come under. But prior to delving ourselves in the discussion as how can you learn from a corporate leader, our primary focus should be as to who can ideally be referred to as a corporate leader and what skills should we aim to learn from him? A corporate leader is an individual, who is decked with ample understanding and experience of the corporate world (better if its is the same filed as you aim to be in)…

Oil Spill Jobs – An Increasing Demand For Workers

The 2010 Gulf oil spill has proved to be a disaster in the making, as it has affected fishing in and around the area, thereby causing disruption in the normal lives of people living there. The oil that gushes out from the broken pipe each day affects more than 420 miles of the shoreline. Strenuous efforts are being made to clean the effects of oil spill and the number of people holding oil spill jobs in increasing. Many people have volunteered themselves for the cleanup drive.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Plumber

A plumbing profession is one which is not as easy as it seems. A plumber has to have the knowledge to repair several items such as…

Promoting Your Modelling Career

Modeling is a fast growing industry, with tremendous change which had attracted the teenagers all over the world. This may be due to increase in fashion shows and Miss World contest. A modeling career will be really a career, for those who crave the limelight and who are not afraid being to be in public.

Help and Executives

Having worked with company owners and executives for the past 25 years, I have observed some common denominators with their successes, and their failures. Many owners and executives help others all the time, but are they willing to receive help themselves? This seems like a simple question, but it is truly amazing how many are reluctant to answer it!

Professors – A 7 Week Exercise to Get Your Students Any Internship They Want

I formulated a very unique program which I believe should work for college professors. That is, if it is implemented correctly.

New Job? Now What?

Got the job – now what? Start off on the right foot by following these simple tips.

So, You Wanna Answer a Voiceover Ad

As with any professional position, a call for voice over talent is a request for responsible talent. A call for voice over talent is not a come-on-down-for-fun-times request. Voice over artistry is not something that anyone can do.

The Need to Maintain an Online Presence

I’m 57 years old and can remember a time when one could live in relative obscurity. People were more community and/or workplace based. There was nearby family, of course, but one’s network didn’t expand nearly as far as it does now.

How to Interview Brilliantly and Get Your Dream Job – 27 Interview Tips

Learn how to interview well and get the job you want rather than waste your energy applying for every suitable job available. This can drain your energy and leave you with insufficient time time for interview preparation.

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