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Career Change Tip – Be Realistic

Be realistic but don’t let that get in the way of your career dreams. It is important to pursue your career dreams, but the dreams must be accompanied by a reality check of your circumstances, your skills and the current labour market in your area of expertise.

Career Change Tip – Understand The Labour Market

A career change usually implies moving into a different occupational role, job description or even industry. Yet you’d be amazed at how many people consider a major change in their career without doing the necessary research to really understand all the factors that will impact them in their new career.

Career Change Tip – Know Yourself Well

By knowing yourself well you will increase your chances of making a successful career transition.  If you deeply understand the aspects of work life that you find fulfilling, the level of responsibility that you thrive on, and the environmental factors that satisfy you, then you begin to know who you are in relation to your work.

Career Change Tip – Know What You Have To Offer

So often we don’t recognise our transferable skills and experience. Consider for a moment how your skills and experience could benefit your occupation or the career you are targeting.

Changing Careers

A recent discussion with a client, about to embark on a major career change, got me thinking about my own career change and whether, in retrospect,  it was a good thing to do. I worked in education for many years but gave up a permanent job that I enjoyed for the unstable income that comes from being a self-employed consultant.

Listen to Your Career Dreams

Career dreams sometimes seem out of reach. Even when people know what they really want to do they often put their dreams on hold, classified as unachievable because of the realities of life.

Mao’s Last Dancer: A Lesson in Career Change and Passion

It was my privilege to attend the keynote address by Li Cunxin at a Career Development Association of Australia conference. His story centred on the motivation he had for becoming such a dancer, a dancer of passion, grace and elegance.

Part-Time Work for School Students: A Distraction or a Life Experience?

The last two years of formal schooling can be a difficult time for a lot of students. They are caught between the adult world which they are eager to join, the constrictions of school life which they sometimes resent, and the pressures of the final years of schooling.

7 Tips to Help You Customize Every Resume

Create a Master File, including everything you have to offer to any employer. Don’t let this be a roadblock! It’s just the on ramp. Start entering and keep entering as you think of other information that might interest an employer. This will never be “final” since it’s a living document, growing throughout your career.

Special Merchandise Corporation: Your Access to Success!

During these hard times, many are looking for more opportunities to earn extra income in order to get by. Most of us would like to get out of the unsatisfying desk job, become our own boss and dictate our own hours. Special Merchandise Corporation will give you this opportunity. By becoming an SMC member, you place success is in your hands. You can earn as soon as you become a member.

3 Ways to Reduce Your Cost of Employment

We all pay some amount of money to work. Whether it be the cost of our commute, food for while we’re at work, or just the small indulgences to make the day go a little smoother. This article outlines 3 simple ways to save thousands on the money you pay just to work.

Job Description Of A Nursing Aid

The medical field is always in need of people to work and help. Learn what a nursing aid is and what they have to do.

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