How Much Does Jen Chapin Make on YouTube

Work Life Balance For the Nigerian Worker

As very hard working people, no doubt, do we consider the possibility that routines wear people out and work-life balance is an important principle that needs to be imbibed by everyone. These days life expectancy of the average male is getting shorter, more people especially men under the age of 40 are dying and for the same reason – extremely high blood pressure and hypertension leading sometimes to aneurysms (where an artery in the brain bursts). This is unfortunately the awful truth and although we do need to put food on the table, of what use is it when…

Quitting a Job – Before You Quit Your Job, Some Things to Consider

So, you want to quit your job. Do you think you have a good reason to quit your job? I know how you feel. Really! I’ve quit quite a few jobs, been on unemployment (not by choice…mass lay off) and so on.

Is Facebook Costing You Your Job?

OK, here is the scenario: Your boss finds you on Facebook, and requests you as a friend. Do you add them?

Three Tips on How to Write a Resume

Read these three tips on how to write a resume in order to make a bigger impact. Learn how to elevate yourself on paper in order to get the job you desire.

CNA Online Training Benefits

In this article we look at the benefits of using online services to prepare to take a CNA Certification exam. Gaining a CNA Certification allows you to work as a Nurse Assistant in hospitals and some care homes.

How Much Time Do You Have For a New Career?

The thought of training for a much-desired new career can be overwhelming to most. There are always money issues and time factors. If you have given some thought to branching out into a new field, this breakdown of careers, their annual salary and training time may be able to help make some decisions easier for you.

Tools and Programs Used by Sonographers

The tools and programs used by sonographers are somewhat complex, and they can be very dangerous in the wrong hands because of the radiation that may be involved. This is why specialized training and certification is required before you can become a radiographer, sonographer or ultrasound technician. Students begin using these tools and programs while they are getting their education, and by the time they become certified and begin working in the field they should be more than prepared to handle them correctly with patients present.

How to Recover From a Mistake on the Job – Part 1

Ever made a mistake on your job or internship? Who hasn’t? Here’s some tips on how to recover quickly

Top 10 Qualities of a Great Radiology Professional

The top 10 qualities of a great radiology professional are somewhat different from the qualities that will make you a successful sonography student. In order to do well in school to prepare for a radiology career you will need some prerequisite courses, a good background check and a suitable GPA from any previous coursework.

Common Traits of Law Enforcement Officers

Being a law enforcer is a dangerous job. Aside from the fact that you are after those people who are against the law, you are also against illegal acts of these people. Law enforcers are considered our modern day heroes and earn respect from the citizens of the country.

Top 10 Most Important Things to Do When You’re Laid Off – It Can Be a Disaster – Or an Opportunity

Most executives, sometime in their lives, will be faced with the loss of a job. This can be seen as a disaster or an opportunity. Regardless, there are some common-sense things that anyone faced with job loss should and should not do. Here are the most important ten things to help you survive right after termination.

Nine Great Ways to Turn Coffee Into a Job Interview – It Can Be Done But You’ve Got to Be Proactive

I once had a client who was the best-connected person in Denver. We joked that he knew everyone, including the Pope. But before coming to us, he had been looking for a job for close to two years, without even one interview. We figured out what he was doing wrong and this changed very rapidly, and he got employed. It points up a common fallacy that simply having a large network will obtain a job for you.

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