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The Importance Of Having Self Confidence When Job Hunting And How To Achieve It

The beginning of the year can be a stressful time in many ways. After the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, the bills have to be paid, the weather can often be very inclement, and the dark winter nights are still with us. If you are on job hunting mode, it is very easy to become downhearted and lose confidence. Here are some ways in which to reverse that situation.

Very Effective Ways To Create A Job For Yourself In The Unadvertised Job Market

The unadvertised job market, represents over 60% of all the jobs that change hands either in the US or the UK job markets. By understanding this fact, you can vastly increase your chances of finding a job quickly if you are out of work and using these approaches to make a company instantly aware of why they need you.

How to Impress Your Client

When we work with our customers, one of the biggest joys that we get as professionals is to be appreciated for the service that we provide. We all work hard as knowledge workers trying to perfect our craft. One thing that no professional enjoys is when your client discusses the value that you bring to the project is not what was expected. You never want to be in a position where your job is on the line for job performance. It is up to you to make sure that never happens and we have provided some tips that you can use to help impress your client.

How to Make a Good First Impression at Your Job

When you get a new job, everything about the job is going to be new to you. A new company that you will be working at, you will have a new manager, you will be working with a new team, and you will be meeting new people at the office. This is a very exciting time when you move onto something new in your career but this it is also a time when what you say and what you do on your first day of the new job will be noticed by everyone.

What Is A Bodyguard?

Do you want to become a close protection officer or commonly known as a bodyguard? Do you want to know what bodyguards really do? Read this article and find out the details.

How to Make Business Contacts in LinkedIn

One of the most important activities that you can do is to make valuable contacts in your industry with people that can help you in your career. The tough job market in 2012 demonstrated the importance of having good contacts in your Rolodex that you can count on in getting new opportunities. We are moving to a new year in 2013 and we are hopeful that the job market will turn around but most people are now getting jobs based on their business contacts in other companies. There are some ways that you can solidify your business relationships with people as professional contacts.

How to Take Advantage of the DISC Model in the Sales Process

An overview of the model of human behavior focusing upon the fast-paced/ task-oriented (High D). Discover how to use your behavior strengths to become your best in sales. Generate more sales. Build rapport and develop loyal repeat clients who produce quality referrals.

What Message Are You Sending If You Speak Too Loudly Or Too Softly?

We’ve all heard it before: the voice which is so loud that it hurts your ears. On the other hand, we’ve not heard it before as well: the voice which is so soft that we have to ask the speaker to repeat himself/herself. In both cases, too much or too little volume definitely sends the wrong message.

The Problem May Not Be Your English, It May Be Your Diction

Many of my clients speak English as a second language, initially contacting me because they are not being understood when they speak. Of course they question if their English skills are lacking. In 99% of the cases, I have found that their English is good; it is their diction that is the problem.

What Does It Take to Shine At Your Job?

While it is not an easy task to find one’s niche, considerable time and effort may have to be spent in identifying what one is good at. One may need to invest in training and developing the skill. You may have to switch many jobs. You may even have to be unemployed for a while. But the pros are so enticing-you may hit upon something novel and start your own business. If your heart is in it, the sky is the limit.

Why Phlebotomy Could Be the Career for You

Find out what Phlebotomy is and what tasks a Phlebotomist performs. Discover if this could be the career for you!

How To Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Obtaining An Interview When Applying For A Job

In today’s very competitive job market, it is quite normal for an employer or their agent to receive several hundred applications for practically any job advertised. It is therefore imperative that you give yourself the very best chance of obtaining an interview. In order to do this you need to send in an application that stands out significantly from the rest of the applicants.

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