How Much Does Jeremy Fragrance Make On YouTube

Feeling Bad About Your Career? – It’s a Good Thing

I’m going to tell you a story and I’d like you to give me a little latitude as you read it – I promise it has a point related to your career. Last week, I took my 5 year old skiing for the first time. It was an interesting experience.

SNL Skit Offers Good Career Advice

What can be learned from a comedy skit? Plenty. All humor is rooted in some truth, and this hilarious video is no exception.

3 Rules to Managing Up

If you are an employee looking to get ahead at your current job (see yesterday’s post), here are three rules to successfully working with those who can help your career. Managing up is not difficult and the benefits are worth the time and energy it takes to master it. Managing up is not manipulation either. It is simply understanding how to create an exchange that is mutually beneficial – and this kind of exchange cannot occur without trust between both parties. Which leads to the first rule of managing up…

Career Development – Making and Taking Career Changes

For those contemplating a career change for whatever reason. You may be, for example, be bored with your current employment or may feel you have more potential to offer but it is not being realised in your current job. You may even be redundant.Whatever the situation, this article will give you some key points to consider along the way.

Post Interview Strategies With an Employment Firm

As I mentioned in my previous post, you want to act as if you never signed up with the employment agency because chances are, you probable won’t get one assignment. But you want to act as if you are hanging by their very last breadth and show every signs of desire and willingness, you will want to make you sure you follow up with them for the next couple of weeks.

Forensic Engineering – What is It?

A building collapses. People are injured. Property is damaged. After the dust settles, the legal system kicks into gear and the courts seek to determine the cause of the collapse so the injured party can be made whole. In doing so, the courts require the assistance of an expert to sort through the facts to determine the cause and origin of the failure. By definition, that expert engages if the practice of forensic engineering.

Nursing Careers – Family Nurse Practitioner

Nurses vary greatly in terms of the amount of education they have and what kind of treatment they are able to offer their patients. The highest nurse in the nursing food chain is the nurse practitioner, sometimes called NP. Unlike other nurses, NPs can prescribe and adjust their patients medications, and can perform a wider array of lab tests.

Will You Beat the Job Rush?

The new year job search has started in earnest. Record numbers of individuals were made redundant before the Christmas break and are now sending out their resumes. And they are not alone.

Do You Make a Great First Impression?

Doing some impression management is important for any job seeker. You’re taking a big chance if you don’t pay heed to how you present yourself.

The Quickest Path to Become a Digital Nomad From Scratch

Digital Nomads are on the rise. They travel the world, discover new cultures, explore exciting destinations, and meet interesting people. Digital Nomads live their dream. The Digital Nomad differs from the regular traveler in the way that they make money while they are traveling, or make money when they arrive at a destination of their choice whether for short-term or long-term stay. The quickest path to become a Digital Nomad from scratch is going the Internet marketing route…

Tired of the 9 to 5 Rat Race? – Become a Digital Nomad

A Digital Nomad is a person who works from wherever he/she wants, be it an airport, hotel, plane, restaurant, coffee shop or even while traveling. Digital Nomads use digital camera’s, laptops, notebooks, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA’s), and smart phones in combination with the many web-based services through Internet access points (like WiFi hot spots) to make money while traveling. Digital Nomads are free to use whichever combination of transportation, accommodation, and communication solutions best serves their traveling, working and living requirements.

CET Entrance Exam – Crack the CET With the Help of Excellent Guidance and Counseling

CET or the common entrance exam test is considered to be the gateway of success for all the students who managed to clear this test. We offer proper admission advice and career guidance services that help choose the right career and college.

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