How Much Does Jeremy Fragrance Make on YouTube

The Benefit of Multiple Income Streams

There is a major social belief in life that you have to have one career, one job, and one income. However, as most freelancers and self employed folk know, when it comes to earning your own money there is nothing further from the truth. Whether you’re a writer juggling a portfolio of clients, or a gardener whose income stream can be weather dependable, earning a living is a constant state of keeping current clients happy and finding more work.

SWOT Analysis – A Career Planning Technique

SWOT Analysis is an effective and easy tool that can be employed to gauge the state of your career. This technique can also be utilized to plan your career for an upward trend.

Extra Money for Christmas

You will need extra money for the presents, foods and maybe even for a holiday abroad! All of these reasons for extra money may require us to find a second job to spend money for Christmas.

Queries That You Must Master

A useful way to plan for interviews is the testing method. You can anticipate the possible questions that are waiting for you and plan and devise intelligent and accurate answers to those questions. This strategy will not help you trace every detail of the mind of the interviewer and guess every question that is about to come your way, but it can prepare you for a large number of queries.

Find Out About Working in the Wind Industry

Right now, there are many problems in the world due to environmental effects. A depleting ozone layer has raised concerns among world leaders. Many governments including the US government are encouraging people working in the Wind Industry and other renewable energy industries by giving them special benefits.

Interesting Facts About Working in the Geothermal Industry

For those that find themselves working in the geothermal industry they discover that it is one of the fastest growing ways to make renewable energy in the world today. The ways in which a home for example can be heated are quite numerous. Each can be very sustainable and made to the scale of one’s needs.

How to Be A LEED Certified Expert

In today’s economy, many businesses want to be environmentally friendly. In order for a building or business to meet this qualification, they must meet certain criteria. Additionally, a LEED expert must work on-site to certify a building. This can be a lucrative career for people who enjoy this type of work.

Finding a Job in the Solar Energy Industry

Recent years have seen green technology being promoted and implemented worldwide. Finding a job in the solar energy industry has become easier with governments emphasizing on “go green” energy environment. From jobs of engineering to sales, solar companies are leaving no stone unturned to promote the technology and products.

Career Planning After 50 – Mid-Life Career Change Tips

Here are five mid-life career change tips and career planning ideas. These tips are central to a successful career change or job hunt with the integration of work, financial and life goals.

Travel Physical Therapy Companies

The first thing you’ll want to look for in a travel therapy company is a company that specializes in jobs exclusively for traveling therapists. You might find an agency or two that typically do local placements but only have a few traveling jobs. These agencies are not best suited to place you in travel therapy positions because they lack the experience to help anticipate and avoid many of the common pitfalls that can occur when placing people in travel therapy jobs.

Top 5 Things to Do After You Receive a Job Offer

Find out what to do when you get a job offer. Learn more about how long you have to accept a job offer and how to negotiate a job offer.

Coaching Cognition Review – What Is All the Buzz About?

Is your career stalled so you want to now stand out as a leader? Maybe you are looking for marketable skills or need to hone your leadership abilities so you can advance.

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