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Should You Quit Your Job in a Bad Economy?

A friend once said to me, “Life is too short to do something you hate. If you don’t like your job, why stay?” While it may seem absurd to continue working in a less than desirable market, and while some may profess to live happier earning less at a job they love, one can’t ignore the risks of unemployment in a bad economy. In a time when people are losing jobs and evaluating their options, is it wise to quit a sure thing, even if you don’t like it?

A Little Background on Horticulture and How to Develop a Career in the Field

With increasing demands for healthy, long-lasting produce and rising concerns for the care of the environment, the field of horticulture and its eight subcategories are more important than ever. So what exactly is horticulture? And how does an individual pursue a career within the industry?

IT Contractors – How to Choose a Good Agency to Contract Through

This is the latest article in our 5 Tips series, relating to IT Contracting. This time we have chosen a topic which we are asked about all the time: How do I choose which IT Agency / Consultancy to contract through?

In My Experience – You Have to Look Successful to Be Successful

Raising teenagers can be a daunting task in the best of circumstances. For those of you who have experienced it personally, you know what I mean! One example I remember was when I tried to council my son Evan on finding a summer job during high school. Now to be fair, I am sure the way I remember the story is probably a little shaded in my favor, but I think once I finish, you will get the point.

Thinking About Coach Training – 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

What are some questions to ask yourself before obtaining a coach certification? How does one know if this is truly what they want? As a Coach and Coach Trainer I have mentored many potential students enable them to make this all important decision on whether or not to become a Coach. Here are some questions I pose to anyone interested in coach training…

Strategic Career Tips#7 – The Art of Networking

Over 80% of jobs are found through Networking. How do you maximize networking success? What does it mean to be pro-active? What does it mean to make it about ‘them’ rather than about ‘you’? Networking is about self-marketing, growing your Brand, creating chemistry, creating allies and reaching out to others. Networking is an art — the art of engagement, leadership, focus, and desired results.

The Coach Training Experience – 5 Key Skills You Should Learn

When you go through coach training there are several key skills you need to learn. Coaching is a process. As a Coach and Coach Trainer I know that these skills give you the confidence to be an effective coach. Here are the 5 key skills you should learn.

Want to Supercharge Your Career Development? Write Your Own Career Action Plan

Getting the career of your dreams will be a lot easier if you map out your route by creating your own career action plan. Here are some tips to help you start your action plan today.

Coaching Career Opportunities – 8 Ideas

Most life coach training courses encourage you to choose a niche such as Divorce Recovery Coaching or Career Coaching. Within each of these niches lie endless opportunities. As a Coach and Coach Trainer I know that most six-figure Coaches ultimately end up tapping into multiple streams of income. Here are 8 ideas for areas within which you might obtain coach training.

Kill Your Dreams Or Create Them – The Choice is Yours

It takes just as much energy to hold ourselves back from something as it does to move toward it. Think about all of the messages you give yourself about why you can’t achieve your career dreams. Those messages act like brakes on your forward momentum. You use your life energy all the time anyway. How will you choose to use it – as a brake or a powerful force for forward momentum?

Reasons to Become a Coach – Top 7

There are so many reasons to become a coach I hesitate to write about just seven. Coach gives you the freedom to work for yourself.

Careers For Those Who Want to Help People

Sometimes, being smart and generous can make choosing a career quite difficult. Having the ability to succeed in a prestigious job field and yearning to help people can lead a person to be quite torn.

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