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What Career Would Fit Me Best? How Many Times Have You Been Asked This Question?

How many times have you asked yourself this question or been asked by a students, your own child or a friend? It is a common question, and a good one. Research shows that the match between your job and your personality plays a major role in your job satisfaction and success. From the moment you leave school your job and career will be the topic you most talked about so it’s vital that you are in a job you enjoy and that matches the person you are.

Nine Suggestions For Turning Job Loss Into Opportunity

The global economic crisis presents opportunities for the world economy to change direction. Individuals who lose conventional employment can also turn their personal crises into opportunity provided that they approach their situation in the right way.

Two Easy Steps to Backup Your Life

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, no one is secure in their employment anymore the facts have shown their face time and time again. You’ve only got to switch on the news and nine times out of ten some other unlucky soul has just lost their job and are all of the sudden faced with these facts of what to do now.

When Taking the Police Test Why Do Some Police Candidates Have an Unfair Advantage?

How to answer police judgment questions on you police test. To pass your police test you need to think like a cop.

Top Qualities of an Exceptional Employee

There are many good employees out there. But sometimes good is not enough. And when you go out and look for exceptional talent and skill, you will be frustrated to discover that most of them already have jobs or that most people do not really measure up to your standards.

Common Questions Before Starting a Tutoring Business!

Whether you are thinking of starting a part time tutoring business or launching a full time tutoring business and hiring contractors or employees there are important factors to consider. It is important to have a business model in place and have an idea of how you will launch your business in order to meet with success. Every day parents are looking for quality tutors to help their students succeed. Sometimes their student is failing a subject and often times they are just looking to help them stay current and focused in their studies.

Make the Right Connections With Better Office Supplies

In lean times every little bit helps, even a new business card holder. The right impression could be all that stands between you and more sales. Big clients are used to working with businesses that can afford to spend in down times, its true, and if your business doesn’t fit that image you won’t get their sales.

Yacht Jobs – Have You Written Down Specific Goals For Your Yachting Career?

Out of all of my articles about working on yachts, THIS ONE is an absolute MUST read…as it reveals the key between success and failure toward reaching your goals. Avoid swallowing a “bitter pill” by reading this.

Yacht Jobs – Are You Making the Most of Staying at a Crew House During Your Job Hunt?

Staying at an unsexy crew house is often part of crew life when in between yacht jobs. Here is how to make the most of your stay and get hired FAST, before your sunken mattress and the 1984 decor depresses you.

How to Survive Restructuring During the Economic Crisis

Organizations must implement change to offset economic challenges. It’s a hands on process that often requires total restructuring of the organization which invariably leads to a “Reduction in Force”. Making sure you aren’t one of the RIF’s (Reduction in Force) due economic conditions is not an easy task. If you are one of the chosen that remain with the company, you are blessed. Keep in mind that the immediate aftermath of any restructuring based on contingency planning and economic conditions is very stressful and can be fraught with uncertainty.

How Well Do You Interview?

With the economy in recession and businesses cutting back, more people are competing for fewer positions. To find a job in these difficult times, you will need every advantage at your disposal. This means presenting yourself as prepared, articulate, and professional at every step, especially in job interviews. Try these interview tips to gain the edge you need.

Before You Write That Resume Or Start That Job Search, Get a New Career Perspective

With the bleak outlook that the media are giving to the job market in 2009, as a job search coach and resume writer, I am hoping that out of it we can finally put to rest some misconceptions that I believe have really been plaguing professionals for a while and that have a lot to do with the improper outlook many of us have in regard to our careers. For one, I am hoping that we can finally put to rest the idea that some company will protect you and provide for you for your entire career.

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