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Are You A Student of Your Business or Are You Missing Something?

Are you a ravenous student who just can’t seem to get enough books, tapes and courses in your niche, field, or in some topic area that makes a big difference in your business? Or, is the idea of reading a book, listening to an educational CD or DVD, or going to a seminar or workshop, to learn, appalling to you?

The Importance of Knowing Your Unique Selling Point

When interviewing for any position, you are essentially trying to market and sell yourself as your own brand. You need to communicate to the hiring committee reasons for why you are the perfect person for the job. So in order to set yourself apart from the competition, you need to know what differentiates yourself from all the other candidates. In other words, you need to come up with your unique selling point.

Choosing a Career – How Do You Go About It?

Choosing the career one wants to pursue is a decision that some make much earlier than others. Of course there is really no specific time at which you must make the decision to choose a particular career – the only thing is that the earlier you can do it, the better. Choosing a career is something that you can start in high school, college or even when you graduate. You can even defer your decision to settle on a particular line of work until after you have already started working. What is most important is the process you use to settle on a particular line of work.

The Love of Babies Isn’t the Only Requirement of an Ultrasound Tech

Hearing the heartbeat of an unborn fetus for the first time can be breathtaking for the mother to be and experiencing this reaction makes the job worthwhile for many ultrasound technicians. The love of babies and ultrasound techs often go hand in hand.

Oil Rig Blowouts

Are you interested in roustabout jobs or working on an oil rig? It is to your advantage to understand the oil rig work environment. This article examines what is involved in an oil rig blowout.

Are You Relying on Serendipitous Happenings?

The conceptual opposite of waiting on a serendipitous happening is to have a strategy and a plan for what you seek to achieve. It also implies that you as the individual have the ultimate accountability for your success. You likely will need the help of others along the way, in fact one is foolish if they don’t seek it where appropriate. However, the final person who has to answer for your success in a venture is you, yourself.

Choosing MA Degrees in Creative Writing

Does it make sense to get a MA or Masters degree in creative writing? Maybe, maybe not. But it depends what you want – and you need to be realistic about what you might achieve.

Benefits of Job Evaluation

Many companies advertise job vacancies whenever there is shortage of employees in an organization. With a large number of college and university graduates, such companies receive lots of applications from job seekers. To settle for the best individual, a company may conduct job interviews based on a successful applicant’s CV.

Baby Boomers and the Self-Destructing Corporate Workplace

If you’re a mid-range baby boomers (born around 1955) you have been caught in the perfect storm of globalization, the off-shoring of our manufacturing jobs and the subsequent destruction of our own middle class. Multiple severe market crashes have destroyed our 401Ks, and now we anticipate the impending collapse of both the health care system and social security, as we face age discrimination. How can you take charge of your career, your future, your well-being… and that of your family?

A Master’s Degree Is the Path to Career Advancement

One of the best ways to advance in your chosen career is to educate yourself. If you have already attended college and have an undergraduate degree, consider re-applying to learn at a Masters level. This is the level of education that will allow for advancement beyond basic career capabilities in order to step into a new, more advanced career.

On the Job Harassment – When It’s Not All Fun and Games Anymore

Have you ever felt uncomfortable at work? Is there someone that you work with that you feel intimidated by to the point of actually being fearful of them? If you have ever experienced any of these feelings then you may have been the victim of on the job harassment.

Criminal Justice Report Writing: Easy Strategies for Effective Sentences

Fatigue, stress, and time pressures can add to the difficulties of officers who are trying to complete paperwork efficiently and accurately. Sometimes the results are syntax errors and tangled sentences. Solution: Commit to writing straightforward sentences, with only one idea in each. Starting each sentence with a person, place, or thing is extra insurance against sentence errors.

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