How Much Does Jess and Gabriel Make On YouTube

How To Get A Modeling Job

The modeling industry is incredibly competitive and sometimes very cruel. However, if you go in knowing a few tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of modeling tenfold.

Jobless? My Nine-Step Plan

CNN recently did a series of print and TV articles on a new and alarming phenomena in America. Many recruiters and employers are refusing to hire or refer the long-term unemployed. Some have posted ads that tell the unemployed not to apply. Here are some things to do so that you aren’t among those who are out for a very long time.

New Ways to Start Your Logo Design Career!

When you are prepared to enter into the logo design world, you don’t know which step to take first. Whatever step you take, bear in mind that the first incorrect step could be your last. Hence it is essential for young logo designers to know where to begin from.

You’re Like a Slinky – And Business is Like Exercise

You’re probably pretty good at your job. So is fine OK or do you want your business to reach its full potential? For your business to be the best it can be, you need to stay energized, motivated, and focused. You need to set goals and work towards them. You need some support, some assurance that you’re going in the right direction.

Building a Web Site With Little Or No Money

Building a web Site with little or no Money. By approaching the building of a website in careful steps the job becomes quite easy to manage and the results will be very good. By approaching the building of a website in very careful steps the job outcome will be very good.

Career Moves – Are You Psychologically Unemployable?

Have you ever met someone who makes a substantial amount of money in their chosen career, but is totally miserable? I have, many times. ( Most of them were lawyers….

If You Want To Know How To Get Money From People Offer REAL Value

The only way to get money from people is by offering them more value than you take in cash value. It’s an old weal principle and it works. In this new economy people are desperately looking for new ways of making money. If you can position yourself in front of them with real solutions you will be very successful.

Ins and Outs of Becoming a Male Model

With the exponential growth in the advertising and modeling niche all over the world. The designers are now targeting more markets and because of that they are willing to hire models from different races to cater for these markets. When you become black male model, you will yield several benefits in addition to fame.

Make Sure Your Online Life Matches Your Professional Life

More and more companies are turning to the internet in an attempt to get to know the real job candidate. Make sure that your personal life as well as your internet presence match the person you are presenting at a job interview.

When Friends Need Friends to Help Them Change Careers and Get Jobs

When friends need friends to help them change careers and get new jobs, it can be scary to make that phone call. Here’s some encouragement for getting past the fear of calling friends to ask for help in your job search.

Career Change Crossroads

  Are you there? At a crossroads in your professional career? Can’t find a position in your chosen field?

Guides to Negotiate the Salary for a Job

Before you resign for a new job, you should do detailed negotiation. This article will share with you some guides on negotiating the salary or benefits before making the decision.

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