How Much Does Jessikatheprankster Make on YouTube

The Square Mile: A Financial Powerhouse in the Modern World

The City of London – not to be confused with London the capital – is an extraordinary place. Originally a walled city built by the Romans and used as a trade centre,’ the City’, as it’s often referred to today, is where London began. Over the years Greater London has expanded from it to form the great metropolis it is today.

What To Expect When Considering A Political Science Major

If you like meeting people and enjoy working in a group, a political science career may well be your best bet. Majoring in political science would be the first step to starting a successful a career in political science. Discover from this article what to expect when considering a political science major in college or university. Learn more about political science major such as level of difficulty, areas of study, career outlook and employment opportunity upon graduation.

Today’s Working Woman’s Wardrobe: Do You Still Say Yes To The Dress?

Mary was a great role model for independent working women asserting themselves in the workplace and staying true to themselves in the process. Talk about influence. Oh, and didn’t she look fab in a pantsuit?!

How To Find The Unadvertised Career Opportunity

Wouldn’t it be great to find an exciting career opportunity no one else knew about? Believe it or not, these really do exist. They are typically situations where the company is considering hiring, but hasn’t yet announced. The key to landing these positions is getting your executive resume in front of the decision maker before it is advertised. I can tell you from personal experience that that the combination of the right executive resume and a well-planned networking strategy can be extremely effective.

Obtaining an Investment Banking Education

An investment banker is a person who works for a financial organization and facilitate businesses raise finances for its operations. Moreover, an investment banker also provides other forms of services like brokerage, asset management and business research.

Increasing Your Success As a Model – Self Critique and Self Education Before You Begin

The goal is that some of these tips may help you try to find your niche as a model on a realistic level, or if you even want to be one! Expanding your view of what modeling really is, what’s expected from you, and finding where the “open doors” may be for you are a great start! The opportunities are out there, and not everyone knows about them, so use this to your advantage. Getting signed with a reputable modeling agency is the goal, but it’s not the final step in your success, so you need to look at all of the potential options.

How to Know When It Is Time to Quit Your Job

Unless you’re the rare bird, at some point you question whether you are in the right job and whether it is time to leave. Taking action by finally quitting is not an easy decision for most people. Here are some things to consider before leaving a job.

Venture for a Career Change at 50

We all know that setting up a strong career base at young age demands a lot of hard-work, expert guidance and right decision making. However, successful job hunts and career changes after 50 revolve mainly around one important aspect, your attitude. If you are carrying the right attitude, everything in the new career comes in a distant second. With positive attitude comes the optimism which in turn radiates an enthusiasm that motivates you to work hard and express an honest and sincere interest in the new career and associated challenges.

Create a Modeling Portfolio That Wins!

There are several key elements to create a modeling portfolio that is going to get you work and win over potential photographers, agencies and media. As a model, you will work so hard to get your modeling portfolio in the hands of these people.

Job Options for Non-Degree Holders

Most jobs will require a degree as proof of expertise for a particular field, but there are also jobs where you can enter the career ladder even without a college diploma. All you need is to accumulate work experience or undergo the required certificate job training.

The World Is Filled With Talented Poor People – In Business, There Is Only One Way to Make Money!

Business is good, business is bad – Economy is melting down etc, these are the statements we hear in business conversations, business dinners and in the media. I have, however, noticed…

Money Making Techniques – The Best Ways To Make Extra Income Online

Would you like to bring home a little extra income each month, but without getting a second job? There are several people utilizing successful money making techniques through online ventures, and you could be one of those people too!

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