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What Are Your Best Qualities?

Whether you’re looking for a job, setting up your own business or thinking about doing some voluntary work to get experience, you need to know WHO you are. It is important to be clear (and positive) about your key PERSONAL QUALITIES so you can think about what you have to ‘sell’ to an organisation when you are looking for a career change.

Transferable Skills – What Experience Can You Offer a Prospective Employer?

Values and positive qualities are all very important when you are on the job hunt as these are form part of the job seeker’s toolkit to offer a prospective employer. And so are transferable skills which are the skills you gained from the valuable experiences you had while working at a job you maybe hated and the jobs that came before it, and not just jobs, but every area of your life.

Have a Goal Oriented Plan For Finding Online Faculty Jobs

It is one thing to start searching for online bachelor degree programs for which to teach, but it is entirely another thing to have a goal oriented plan for finding online faculty jobs. The best goal imaginable now is to have the ability to market an academic and technical skill set to thousands of post-secondary academic institutions in desperate need of the skill set.

Find the Right Career in the Right Way

Whilst you won’t be able to find a career that ticks all your boxes, it is possible to find one that ticks the boxes that matter most to you. There are a number of practical ways to work out your priorities. The method that you use should be one that’s particularly suited to you. Just as there is a career out there that’s right for, there’s a way of finding it that’s right for you.

Career Change Time?

‘Should I change careers?’ is of course a question only you can answer for yourself, but there are a few things that most people should consider when tackling it. When contemplating a change in career there are five key questions to ask yourself to help answer the big question itself.

Mind Your Own Business Today!

The most risky thought is to rely upon your job to provide sufficient funds for everything you want and need. I urge you to think twice about having a job and working hard for the rest of your life.

Job Interview Techniques – How to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Having found the perfect job you have been looking for, how can you prepare ahead of time for the most important part – the interview? Many view this as the most stressful part of the application process and let nerves dictate their performance. However, with good planning and preparation, you can learn the best job interview techniques and land the job of your dreams.

Do You Drive to Work Or Does Your Work Drive You?

I believe you were programmed to do what you do. How do I know this? As I am typing this I am watching the fashion of the day and for the most part it is the same.

Top 10 Tips For the Perfect Interview Technique For Landing Your Dream Job!

Battling through to an interview can be tough enough, but what does it take to land your dream job from the interview stage? Here we list 10 tips that will make all the difference!

10 Tips For Landing Your Dream IT Job

Landing a top job in I.T. can make all your professional dreams come true. With big I.T. companies giving big benefits for those that perform well, it is no wonder that the competition is high. Here are 10 great tips that will make the difference between winning the job, and another 6 months of job hunting.

A Career As a Firefighter Holds Some Interesting Challenges

After a career as a firefighter, in what seems like another life now, retirement has me thinking, sometimes, of the ‘good old days’. Working in one of the larger city fire departments in the state of Washington, we saw our share of action. It takes a certain personality type to be a successful firefighter and I’ve no doubt that I worked with some of the best.

How to Invest Into Your Own Career As an Employee

Although there have been much talk about investing in businesses, starting your own business or even buying off an existing business, you could always remain as an employee and be successful. Being an employee has its own benefits too. You do not need to worry about the overall direction and managerial aspects of running a company, not to mention the financial and legal and tax areas.

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