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Jumpstart Your Career by Using a Big Picture Approach

As you move up the corporate ladder, you want to demonstrate your personal competence and your organizational knowledge. This article shows you how to accomplish this by making a few small changes in what you say. It contains four strategies you can use to jumpstart or advance your career by showing superiors that you understand the Big Picture.

Ten Temping Tips

Ok so you are about to start work as a temp and you are feeling a little anxious, but have no fear, these top ten temping tips will help you fit straight in and do an excellent job, perhaps even leading to a permanent contract. Arrive on time on your first day! This may sound pretty obvious, but it is amazing how many people think that it doesn’t matter if they turn up at 10 am when they should have been there for 08.

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A Promotion and a Raise

With so many people going to work each day with fear in their hearts, how far from their minds is a scenario like this? It happened here in the USA, in February of 2009.

What Future Career to Choose?

Are you worried about your future career? Do you even have one in mind yet? Don’t let it stress you out.

Career Tips – Skyrocket Your Career by Finding and Working With Effective Mentors

Did you know that people who have well-chosen mentors are twice as likely to be promoted as those who don’t? Or that executives who had mentors earned more money sooner than others? If you’re ready to put the power of mentoring to use in your career, this week’s feature article gives you 6 ways to get started.

Choosing Self-Employment

This article describes the insecurity people feel who take the risk of changing their career. The author then explains a few of the first, very basic steps that need to be considered before changing your career.

Ageism, Real Or Imagined?

Baby boomers and others 50+ years old often find landing a new job a challenge. Is it because of their age or is there another reason? Six figure executives and technology leaders with vast experience often take themselves out of consideration by their own hand. Look around. There are many ‘gray hairs’ working in all manner of positions and companies. Why not you?

The Truth About Fear in Life and Business

Fear is widely being avoided today in the hope that it will not rise its perfect head again. Let me tell you, fear is in place for a reason in our lives. It tells us where we are off in our success walk and thinking abilities. What is your fear? Does it impede on your success? The chances are it does to some degree. Fear should be welcomed and utilised in a way that will drive you and your businesses forward. It should become your best friend because it has tremendous energy and knows exactly where you are holding back. Discover this and you are pretty much there to solving your fear problems.

Student Temporary Jobs Advice

When you are a student, you will certainly be cash strapped, so the best way of making some serious money is to look for work in the holidays, whether at Christmas, the long summer vacation or even at times when companies are very short staffed, for example at half term. Temporary jobs can also be good for your curriculum vitae. For example, if you are studying law, then why not try to get a job working in a legal practice?

How to Start a New Career Change

There is a time in every person’s career when they feel it is time to make the difficult decision to change their job. This is a daunting time but is an extremely important decision and must not be undertaken lightly. Making the decision to leave a full time, well paid position can be very challenging on the worker as they will be in unknown territory and fearing for their future.

How Do You Decide What to Wear to a Job Interview?

Trying to decide what to wear to a job interview can be just as stressful for some people as enduring the interview itself. Does it really matter if you wear a blue suit vs. a red suit (for women–a man in a red suit I’m pretty sure I’d look askance at)? Here’s some tactics to help you choose appropriate clothing from your closet.

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