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5 Reasons to Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn members, know they can connect directly with other individuals. LinkedIn groups enable collective connections with others to engage in group dialog. Here are five reasons to join a LinkedIn group.

Cannot Decide What to Do

Sometimes, one of the hardest tasks in a young graduate’s life is to decide what to do with their life. This decision can be made a lot easier.

Happiness and the Genuine Profit Motive

Your career or what you do is not “all about the money”, it is more about enjoying and loving what you do as well as the money. This article explores that concept and much more in a straightforward, yet dynamic way that is honest yet creative, practical, yet, again, creative. Sure there is a certain amount of pragmatism involved with this article, indeed. But, creativity and initiative are the number one values in a successful career reality for a person.

Professional Land Surveyor Qualifications

Most states require at least four years of experience before the examinations may be attempted. Most professional land surveyors first obtain a degree in land surveying, and then work to gain experience for several years before becoming qualified as a professional land surveyor.

Pink Slip to Pink Lemonade – 3 Ways to Squeeze Profits Out of Layoff Lemons

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When your company hands you a layoff lemon, make layoff lemonade. What you know can let you squeeze income out of those lemons.

Manage Your Boss – Like a Bar Fight

Too many leaders make the mistake of thinking they can manage their boss from afar. They somehow convince themselves that with distance, comes safety. After all, it works that way with so many other things in life. But make no doubt about it, it’s bad strategy when it comes to managing the boss (or those other “b words,” like your Board, or Bank), especially when times get tough.

P-I-E – Your Vehicle to Job Excellence

There is always a race for excellence in the job performance. Yes, with your dream to excel you could not help but to give your best. There are lots of ways but you need to just focus on P-I-E.

Career Development – Receiving the Gift of Feedback

The annual performance review can be an emotionally charged event. It usually occurs once a year and while the review does recognize accomplishments it also addresses performance gaps which are then translated into opportunities for improvement and the infamous growth plan. Sometimes the review is vague in its presentation and feels unfair in its judgment.

Six Ways to Get Promoted Faster in Your Civil Service Career

While there are many similarities between attaining success in private industry, working in the public sector presents its own unique challenges. However civil service careers can still be lucrative for those employees who are ambitious and strive to move up. here are five ways you can get promoted faster in your government job.

How to Resolve Your Insecurities Around Your Work

One of my clients made a major shift this month in her business. She’s building a new company that’s exciting, innovative and heart-felt. She’s got a big vision and a big opportunity, but like most of us, her fears and insecurities had been holding her back. She kept asking questions like “Who am I to do this business?” “Why would investors give me money?” “Why would people buy from me?” Each time she did, she found herself feeling more insecure and unworthy. But her business isn’t really about her. It’s about a bigger purpose. It’s about a cause she cares deeply about. And when she focused on this purpose, then the question shifted from “Why would people want to work with me?” to “Who wants to join with me in support of this purpose?” The answer: lots of people, including some very rich and successful investors, who might be delighted to enlist her in their cause.

If You Prepare For the Future, You Won’t Have to Repair the Past!

A changing employment model and inaccurate data call into question the jobs numbers’ worth in evaluating its impact to the market and to the economy. Also, be aware of the thinly veiled layoff model labeled “early retirement.” So-called “early” retirees are viewed as “retired” – even though they have, simply stated, accepted an enhanced layoff package and many (if not most) are not retirement ready.

4 Simple Steps to Starting a Career Transition After Age 40, Even in a Tough Economy

Have you put in enough years at a job you thought would make you happy, but has not? Are you tired of wasting precious time without the kind of satisfaction that matters most to you? You can have work with both pleasure and purpose, at any age. Even if the economy isn’t encouraging there are steps you can take now to get ready. This article focuses on simple steps to prepare and encourage the woman who is ready for career transition, even if the economy isn’t.

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