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Work-Life Balance – Why it Doesn’t Work

As long as we work in jobs that we don’t like or that are meaningless, we will continue to struggle with balancing our work life with the rest of our life. Only when we create a balanced life in which meaningful, productive work is simply one aspect will we be able to stop the balancing act.

The Perfect Job – Finding a Company That Fits

If you don’t believe in the company that you are working for, it won’t matter how much you enjoy your job, the day will come when you realize that you just can’t work there any more. If you’ll start with these three things as you begin your job search, you will have much more luck finding that perfect job.

Job Promotion – Just Say No!

Clearly you are at the top of your game, everyone thinks so. The value you add is beyond measure and that is why your boss wants to promote you to Manager of your area. Wow, manager that’s great, right? Well isn’t it?

Becoming a Chef? Find the Right Chef Jobs

No matter the talent you have, or how prestigious the culinary school you graduate from, you can’t expect to become a chef; or an executive chef overnight. For example, the executive chef is responsible for the success or failure of an entire restaurant. It takes time to earn that level of expertise and trust. Here are some simple steps to becoming a chef, to help you plan your chef career properly.

Finding Medical Transcription Employment is Simpler Than You Might Think

It’s a fact that anyone can be a medical transcriptionist. The only thing that you need is a certification. Although, some companies will hire people with little to no experience, it is a very unusual occurrence. First, think of the reasons why you want to be a medical transcriptionist. What is it you want from your career? What inspires you so strongly to become a medical transcriptionist? People choose to go into this field for several different reasons. Whatever your reason is, your dream can also become a reality.

Roustabout Jobs – When Getting Down and Dirty Pays

Like many jobs that still require you to work hard and heavy, there are a lot of benefits to the work. For one thing, you can expect to make thirty to forty grand for about six months worth of work. While you’re on the rig, your room and board are going to be paid for, and the oil company will pay to fly you to and from the rig.

Improve Your Contractor Business

In today’s economic climate it is harder than ever to run a successful contractor business. The recent economic downturn and declining real estate market have forced many contractors to close shop. With consumer spending down, there are just fewer contracts to bid. This is, without a doubt, the perfect time for contractors to tighten their belts and carefully consider their business practices.

Using a Consultant to Help You Develop Professionally and Achieve Your Goals – Why Bother?

Knowing when to get help from a consultant to achieve your professional goals can mean the difference between wasted cash and career success. This article tells you what you stand to gain and why so that you make a good decision.

A Difficult Family Affair

Thousands of companies are run by families in the modern era, and many more have been run by families for their entire existences – this is where the idea of a family business comes from. The family business can be anything from working a farm to running a media company, but the fact remains that sometimes the apparent successor to a family business just is not interested in entering the family occupation. If this is you, how exactly does one deal with being the only family member not wanting to enter the family business?

The Personal Trainer Zig Zag – A 50k Career Or an Expensive Myth?

Your first client is an early bird and wants you to train with them before they go to work, so at 6:30 you leave the house trying your best to look suitably perky and enthusiastic, whilst longing to go back to bed. At 7:00 you knock on their door, all bright and smiley, the Red Bull that you drank on the way starting to work it’s energy magic. You do your stuff and leave your client at 8:00 without really having broken a sweat and £40 in your pocket.

Job Interviews – Can You Trust Your Reference?

References are an important part of the job hiring process. If the interviewer starts contacting your references it usually means they are considering you for the short list or even the job. That is why it is so important that you know what your references are going to say about you. You cannot just assume that they will give you a good review.

Etiquette Mistakes at the Company Holiday Party

Everything can be going great at work. You’re doing well at your job. You are well liked by your peers and are being considered by your superiors for additional opportunities. Perhaps a career change or promotion is just around the corner. Then you get the invitation to the company holiday party, and it hits you: There’s a lot on the line right now and you don’t want to mess it up, but you’ve never actually socialized with these people before. What is the appropriate way to act, and how can you keep from making any major faux pas that will stop your career advancement in its tracks?

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