How Much Does Jovi Beauty Make on YouTube

Did You Receive a Severance Package? Manage it Well!

If you are lucky enough to receive a severance package when downsized, it is imperative that you make a plan for the money and also for your job search. Do you have time to take a vacation? Do you need a stop gap job until you find the right match? Find the answer to these questions and more!

The Job Offer Letter – How to Negotiate a Job Offer

What happens when you get a job offer but the job offer letter doesn’t meet all of your expectations? Here are some negotiation tips to help you get what you want.

Emperor’s New Clothes

Beware of the naked man who offers to sell you the shirt off his back. Remember the Danish fairy tale depicted by Hans Christian Andersen of the emperor whose delight and ego revolved around wearing the finest wardrobe? This 1837 story relates the tale of ego, vanity and swindlers. The crafty swindlers received the finest silk, most precious gold-cloth and large sums of money to weave the most elegant suit for the emperor. The secret of the con game was that anyone unfit for their office could not see the fabric.

Home Inspection Training, Certification and Licensing

In United States, in order to be a qualified or licensed home inspector in the real estate industry, it is a must for the person to obtain home inspection education as well as formal training so that he or she can be certified at the final stage before commencing their career in the real world. Both the home inspection certification and licensing requirements comply with the real estate property law.

Business Coaching For Nutritionists

Nutritionists and health practitioners often are new business owners often need support when first launching their nutrition and health coaching practices. A few proven business management strategies can be helpful for starting out on the right foot to attract clients quickly.

Losing Your Job? Create Your Own Job on the Internet!

Are you losing your job? Does it seem unfair? Maybe this is life’s way of moving you to do something different with your life. Maybe you’ve been thinking about doing something different for a while and were afraid to take that first step. If you’re losing your job – create your own job with these quick steps.

What Do You Expect After a Formal Home Inspection Training?

A formal home inspector training can take place either in a physical setting at various training schools or it can be done through online study at any venue conveniently with computers. Many people who intend to join this industry are eager to know what they can do upon completion of this home inspection certification.

The Surefire Way to Getting a Pay Raise

Life is like a ladder where one climbs one rung at a time in order to slowly but steadily reach the top. There is no short cut to reach the top. Even if there is, it is not advisable to take these unscrupulous ways to excel at your workplace. Rather, at your workplace, you should endeavor to be professional and diplomatic in your approach.

Social Worker Salary

Working as a Social worker is basically a profession for those people who wish to improve the life of people and make society a better place to live in. Social workers help people by assisting them cope up with different issues of their lives, solve family or personal problem or deal with relationships better.

Finding the Right Truck Driving Company For You

It is no secret that the American trucking industry is in need of qualified drivers to transport goods across the country. Many big rigs have advertisements on the back of the trailers advertising for more drivers. Large trucking companies even offer schooling and training for potential drivers. But if you’re considering a career in truck driving, how do you know which company would be the best fit for you?

How to Build Your Ticket Broker Career

When talking about “ticket brokers” many people have no idea that there are differences among the different ticket brokers which have filled the market. The first difference is that there are full time job ticket brokers and people who only do this occasionally.

Improve Your Ticket Broker Skills

It is not so difficult to start a business as a ticket broker. You just need a small amount of money to pay the dealer from which you take your first tickets. If you do not have that money you can find a dealer which will agree to be paid after you have succeeded in selling some or all the tickets.

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