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A Career Journey – From Job Application to Establishing Yourself

  Career Coach Steve Nicholls interviews his client Jenna, a HR professional who recently made a transition into a new HR role. There are some learning points here for anyone looking to find a new role, whether it’s in HR or any other profession; the insights apply equally. How did you first find out about the role?

Coping With Pre Interview Nerves

  Job interviews are tough, we all know that. Whether it’s to make ends meet with thankless, unenviable tasks or the position you have been competing for since you could remember, there is something about the job interview that strikes an anxious and uneasy chord with us all. This fear only increases with the importance of the job, or new career, that’s on offer, and it’s always worth taking a few preparatory measures to make sure you maximize your chances of being selected for the post.

Talk to Everyone! It Can Help You To Be Successful In A Job Interview!

Prepared for that upcoming job interview? Suit pressed, shoes shined, answers rehearsed? While I am a massive advocate of properly rehearsing the answers to potential interview questions (there really is no excuse these days not to have prepared in this way), I would urge you to take into account another point, one which can make a major difference.

50% Of All Recent College Graduates Are Unemployed

New data shows that half of all recent college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed, working as waiters, cashiers, retail clerks and bartenders, most barely making over minimum wage and many still living at home with their parents. This is the highest unemployment rate for college graduates in over 40 years.

Just Why Hair Stylists Use An Online Portfolio

Online portfolios are essential to anyone looking for opportunities to promote themselves. Here is why you need one, especially if you are a hair stylist.

Programming Interview Questions: What They Are and How to Answer

Individuals with a degree in computer science, electrical engineering or computer engineering will likely need to participate in a programming interview during the hiring process. This is unlike a traditional job interview. Programming interview questions are highly detailed and require the applicant to show off their skills, so to speak.

Different Types of Home Based Jobs

Working from home has its own benefits and this is the reason why you will find a large number of people involved in home based jobs. You need not face the usual day to day problems when you operate from home. There is no waiting for the bus, fear of losing job, lots of travelling etc.

Automotive Training School Graduate Talks Shop About New Automotive Career

Automotive training schools give students the tools they need to successfully work in auto career jobs they will truly enjoy. Travis DeCesaro is a recent graduate of an auto mechanic training program in Colorado Springs and has been kind enough to share his story.

A Potential Career in Engineering

Basing upon career, the article talks about engineering. This article talks about how you can get the best of learning in an institution.

Designing Your Impossible Future: Why You Need One and How To Do It

Identifying a solid career goal can give momentum and direction to your career. But every goal has built in limits that you impose on yourself. Creating an Impossible Future — a transformational goal — can help you push beyond those limits to achieve more than your thought possible for yourself, your community and even the world. This article tells you how you can design your own Impossible Future and give more meaning to your life.

Having a Bad Day?

I was once exposed to an incident involving two colleagues that was rather awkward and very unprofessional. The personal assistant of the CEO, Rebecca*, walked in to the office in a bad mood. She was frazzled because her own lack of organization and time management caused her to be under the pump on this particular morning.

How to Deal With Being Laid-Off

The world is still in the midst of a tough economy. Unemployment is a record highs and people are struggling to get jobs and maintain the ones that they have. I have been involved in many lay-offs and as difficult as it is to give and receive that type of information, we always have the choice of how to react and respond.

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