How Much Does Jumping Places Make On YouTube

Build Your Business Fortune From the Current Economic Crisis

With a handful of exceptions, the greatest fortunes created by entrepreneurs have not been made during times of prosperity. Rather they are forged during economic downturns by those who know how to exploit adversity.

Executive Job Hunt and Your Super Bowl Strategy to WIN – Deliver “Remember Me” Shots

Can teams preparing for the Super Bowl teach us something about “landing an Executive Job during the Great Recession”? I think so. Could you be a company’s “Peyton Manning”?

Radical Change in the Corner Office – 2010 is the Year of the Woman

Many top organizations where I work as an outside consult or a speaker delivering professional development seminars are rushing right now to create new internal women’s leadership groups. That’s because these large companies understand that as the economy imposes changes in how they do business, it also triggers a change of leadership positions within their firms. To enhance their profit margins they are streamlining middle management and top positions – and it appears that more men are being impacted in adverse ways than are women.

Start the New Year Off With a New Career

What do you want to be when you grow up? Even after middle and high school are over, some adults are still asking themselves this question.

Choose the Employer You Want to Work For

You’re looking for your next opportunity, and you begin doing routine searches on your favorite job board. As you browse jobs in your category, you quickly send your resume along with a generic cover letter. You believe that the more resumes you submit to prospective employers, the more you will increase your chances of getting hired – somewhere. Does this sound like an example of quality career planning?

What is a Freelancer?

A person who works or pursues a career without a long term contract with any particular employer is a freelancer. He offers services to get paid without permanent affiliation with his clients. A freelancer may perform tasks for several employers, clients or customers at any given time frame. Some freelancers work with written contracts but more often are not necessary. Others would settle for verbal agreements with their clients.

Have a College Degree Or Professional Career Training and Still Stuck?

Simple tips for Career and Job Seekers who have a degree but are stuck in leveraging that degree or training to a satisfying, fun and exciting job in the real world. Get results today.

Some Important Tips on How to Become a Teacher (Professional)

It is not easy being a good teacher, admired and respected by students, local communities and peers. There are some things that need to be done by a teacher to receive recognition as a good and successful teacher.

Making a Living As a Designer Maker

It’s all very well whittling on about Art and drawings, but how do you make a living at this business? Because that really is the bottom line.

Myths, Truths, and Strategic Tools For Thriving in the New Decade – Quiz 10 – Customer Profitability

Do you really know your top ten customers both in terms of revenue and total profitability? To help you answer this question, think about the following comments.

Getting Started at a New Senior Position

The first days in a new executive position are often the toughest; most firings occur within the first year of employment. Charting the right course at the outset of a new job is essential to keeping it secure.

How to Tackle Salary Negotiation With a Job Offer

Salary negotiation is a delicate art. And when you’re weighing two job offers, matters become even more complex. Asking for a raise or added benefits by leveraging another offer carries risks, but the rewards may be significant.

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