How Much Does Just A Few Acres Farm Make On YouTube

Should You Have a Blog?

I read a must read book Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble/Shel Israel. After reading chapter 4, I walked away with a basic question that I’m still pondering. Do blogs really build relationships?

Assembling the Best Team

If I’m going to build a team, I don’t want to know their weaknesses. I want to know the assets of each member. This way I can build a team filling in all the gaps with people that are great at something.

Engage With Storytelling

I have a friend that is a master storyteller. I always (and many others) accept his call because he always has a story to tell. Of course being a father of four all under the age of 16 does provide a great deal of material.

Working Around the 1-100 Worst

Earl Nightingale, speaker on the audio titled The Strangest Secret says that the 94 out of 100 individuals do not succeed because of one common trait. These unsuccessful individuals are conforming to the wrong group…the unsuccessful people. How do you work around them?

Ways to Boost Office Morale

Employees have a lot of responsibility and because of this their morale can go down if they don’t feel like their supervisors value them enough. This can lead to the staff getting unmotivated and also getting unproductive too.

How to Use Networking in Your Job Search

If you are a job seeker who doesn’t use the internet then it might be very difficult for you to get a job. Networking is what will help you get a new job these days. Now for those of you who don’t know what networking is, it basically means that you start to build up alliances.

Morally and Ethically Right and Your Tolerance For Gray

Moral and ethics. Are they synonyms? Let’s look at the verb-tense of morally versus ethically. Would you say they are the same thing? Your answer should be “yes.”

What’s the Objection?

Ever try to convince someone to do something or buy something or take an approach and hit a brick wall? Ever have someone try to convince you to do, buy or change directions and you put up a brick wall? What worked and what didn’t and why?

Customer Service – That’s You!

Starbucks gets it. They know that it is the experience that matters most. Consistent customer service rules!

Four Ways to Be Friendly and Get What You Deserve

Pat, You’re always smiling! How is that? Don’t you have bad days? Remember the old joke, ‘Smile so people are wondering what you are up to?’ Not a good way of initiating trust, is it!

Business Ethics – Your Success Depends Upon It

Whenever you conduct business, it is important to have a degree of business ethic. A lot can go wrong and will go wrong when you work for a business or run one of your own, so ensuring that you do show a high degree of ethic and not only keep you out of a lot of trouble, but get you out of trouble if it is inevitable. Today, I’d like to share some simple points to allow you to operate a business ethically.

Tips on Being a Success at Work and Being Job Savvy

You will hear a common line that you need to work hard if you want to be successful. Btu then this isn’t the entire story. Just working hard won’t get you to the top.

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