How Much Does Just Me Cathie Make on YouTube

Lone Working Taxi Drivers

As a solitary worker there are many key risks involved in being a taxi driver. Drivers must always remember that although their customers may seem friendly they are still strangers.

Ways to Deal With The Workplace Conflict

Few workplace conflicts could be positive and healthy for a person’s business and also for us to bring about few positive changes in our daily lives! It all depends upon the way we see the things. However, it could be an altogether different story when these conflicts constantly raise their ugly head which then could adversely affect one’s business.

Career Path Of A Licensed Esthetician

The field of esthetics is a rewarding career opportunity for you to consider as it has a good range to choose from. Becoming a licensed esthetician does not mean that your sphere of work is limited to working in beauty salons. You also can find yourself working in medical spas, dermatologist offices other than the said salons or day spas.

Tips On Becoming A Professional Sign Writer

Sign writing is indeed one of the best creative careers any sane person can engage in. It’s really a career that can change your story for the better. The business of Sign making has been there right from the early 1950’s and even beyond.

Who Can Get A Phlebotomy Certification?

Are you interested in becoming a phlebotomy technician – taking blood samples, performing tests and helping people? Have you also heard that a phlebotomy certification is relatively easy to acquire – and that the work pays well? Then you may like to know if you are in any way eligible to begin the training.

Kindness Opens Doors

Know-it-alls… don’t. It’s impossible. No one can understand everything from different perspectives. The smarter the person, the more the person realizes how much they don’t know. The smart people listen and watch. By doing so, they are open to see or hear something that will spark more thinking on their part.

Leading With Why

I’m sure you can tell me what you do. You can probably describe, in excruciating detail, how to do it. Let me ask you a simple question. Why do you do what you do? Sorry, to earn a paycheck isn’t enough. Money is a result and many times a meaningless metric. It is a temporary manipulative tactic to get people to work on tasks. Once someone can get more money doing the same thing elsewhere…they are gone. What is your “Why”?

OMG, The Network Is Down!

Oh, My Gosh! The Network is Down! What do I do with my time? Learn how to take advantage of the unexpected time break to enhance YOU!

Your Share of the Profit

There’s an old Manufacturer’s rule of thumb. A product should be sold at the retail price six times the cost of making the product. This way it covers advertising, accounting, legal, and all other incidentals that eat away at the potential profit that keeps the company alive. Hmmm, this gives me pause. Let me ask you this basic question. How much does the project you are on cost the company? Make sure you add in your team’s full salary (benefits included), all the tools you use, the equipment you use, and the space you take.

Top Careers in the United States of America

Getting a degree is often a requirement to land one of the best jobs in the United States of America. To excel in your chosen field, it is a must that you also gain sufficient experience in your work. If you will take a look at America’s top careers, you will notice that most jobs came from Information Technology industry and health care.

Ingredients Matter

My husband and I go on a regular basis to a burger joint. Not just any burger joint. We go to Elevation Burger. Why? Because ingredients are important to us. Elevation Burger serves burgers using 100% organic ingredients. To save on carbohydrates, I can even get the burger wrapped in lettuce instead of having my burger served on a bun. Yeah, even a lack of one ingredient matters to me. Ingredients Matter is actually Elevation Burgers slogan. It appears all over the place. On their posters, trays, website, and every place to remind everyone that ingredients matter to them. “Ingredients matter” is so much more than a slogan. It’s their belief. It’s their “why.” It’s their vision of who they are (including customers, employees, business partners).

Are You a Job Owner Or a Job Renter?

In today’s challenging job market job seekers have access to an incredible number of employment and career advertisements from all sorts of sources. Most job advertisements include the customary listing of information about the organization, they include the duties of the position and typically summarize the types of qualifications and experience the preferred candidate should possess. Many seem to be a little clinical and a little tired. If you are like me, after reading a lot of job advertisements, you may be left wondering what the organization is really looking for in an employee.

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