How Much Does Justin Johnson Make on YouTube

Use Recruitment Agencies To Find New Media Jobs

If you want to increase your chances of getting new media jobs, then you must use the services of a specialist recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies are great for both job seekers and employers because they help match organisations with appropriate applicants that fit a specific criteria listing achievements, abilities and experience. Employers often use recruitment companies as a way of saving time as advertising a position on the internet can result in an organisation receiving thousands of applications from unsuitable candidates.

What Are You Worth to Your Company?

There seems to be a disconnect between their perceived and actual value individuals hold with their company. Often people have a clear understanding of their place in the company. They know what would happen if they were no longer doing their job and the difficulty level of replacing them. Learn about overvaluing, undervaluing and learning more about yourself.

Never Have Just One Career

Can you really trust that your status as an employee will last your entire career? Will your job be there for the rest of your life and provide you security for you and your family? I do not believe a person should trust in one career. You should plan ahead, get educated, and prepare for a career change if necessary.

Remote Property Caretaker

Remote property caretaker jobs are more specialized endeavors. In general these jobs can vary in many different ways. In remote locations, the caretaker needs to be more resourceful than in typical urban or rural locations.

Taking a Lower-Level Position – 4 Things to Know

It’s easy to conclude that taking a lower-level position means putting the brakes on the career track or even taking a step back, but in fact, there can be a lot to gain in such a decision. Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to take a step forward in your career.

Grants For Women To Start A Business

Well, gone are those days when a woman used to sit inside a house and cook the food as well as look after the children. Now the women are working in almost every field and they are challenging the men working in the same fields. The government also wants to encourage these women.

How to Lose a Job in Publishing (And Learn to Love the Business More Than Ever)

One 20-something’s story of thinking she her professional path was in perfect order, only to fail miserably. The joys of learning your faults and following your vocation down a crooked path, all the way to the wonderful job you never knew you wanted.

Influencing People – Part 2: A Four-Step Model of Persuasion

This second of two articles on persuasion walks you through the “SWAY” model’s four steps to successfully influence. As such, it goes in-depth into the ingredients of my recipe for successful influencing.

Influencing People – Part 1: What Happens When We Get It Wrong?

This first of two articles on persuasion looks at what happens when we get it wrong. It however ends on a positive note by giving you the recipe for successful influencing.

Preparing for a Professional Male Model Shoot

Male models are often overlooked in the fashion world in spite of it being a very successful career path for the right person. If you have always been told that you “have what it takes,” then you may wish to pursue a career in this field. It can be exciting when you land that first job, but don’t let your excitement and passion get in the way of some basic preparation techniques that you need to know. As an old commercial once stated, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Courier for a Delivery Company

Considered working as a Courier? This interview will take you through the ups and downs you can expect in the position, what it takes to land the job, what you can expect to earn and more.

How A Free Resume Critique Works

Most companies offer a Free Resume Critique as a way to introduce you to their respective services and style. It is in many ways a consultation, and in turn, many clients use this as a way to interview potential Certified Professional Resume Writers. A Free Resume Critique should be approximately 15 minutes in duration, and should address many of the issues plaguing your resume.

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