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Bank Clerk Exam – Clearing it Made Easy

Taking the first step inside the thriving Banking Industry is the dream of many youngsters like you. Besides the IT industry, it is basically the Banking and the Financial sectors that have been at the forefront of the tremendous growth of our liberalized economy.

Ways to Determine If a Chosen Profession is One That Will Make You Happy in the Long Run

There are several ways a person can gather information on any given career choice before they prepare for it. Such actions as job shadowing and taking advantage of aptitude testing are strongly recommended before making such a life-changing choice.

Financial Adviser Jobs

As a Financial Adviser, you’ll be providing clients with advice on financial matters, making recommendations on the best ways to utilise their money. Financial Adviser jobs involve advising clients on products and services available; ensuring they are aware of, and understand, those that best meet their needs; and then securing a sale.

Account Executive Jobs

Account Executive jobs involve job holders acting as intermediaries between clients and insurance companies. Clients may be either individuals or commercial businesses and organisations. Account Executive jobs require the use of in-depth knowledge of risks, sales and development skills and the insurance market to develop new commercial accounts and sales to support brokerages’ performance plans and offer the best cover for clients.

Underwriting Jobs

Underwriting jobs involve deciding if applications for insurance cover should be accepted and if so, what the terms of that acceptance are. Underwriters assess a risk according to the likelihood of a claim being made, by weighing up a number of factors and asking for detailed information from policyholders.

Tips Before Pursuing a Career Change For Teachers

When you have had a constant struggle with your current profession, then perhaps looking for a career change for teacher is a better option. Sometimes, you just need a new atmosphere, especially if the current job is already suffocating you in one way or another.

The Essential Career Advice Everyone Needs

What every young person has to keep in mind before entering the world of jobs. Also some useful advice in choosing a suitable career.

Nursing Career – An Overview of the Job

These days nursing is one of the most thriving professions among all professions. With the current ever growing demand for nurses who are well qualified, this is one of the well sorted career option.

What is Your “Why” For Wanting to Start a Work at Home Based Business?

Everyone wants to start a work at home based business. Face it, it is just a fact that people would rather be in control of their own time, income, and future than leaving them in hands of someone else. But it takes more than just WANTING a home-based business. To be successful, you need to know your “why.”

Choosing the Right Career – How to Decide What Career is Best For You

Taking decisions on career paths is one of the tasks of huge magnitude. The students, their parents, teachers and elderly relatives – all play definitive roles in determining the career prospects. Choosing the right career is not easy, as there are numerous factors of varying intensities to be seriously taken into consideration.

Business Tip – Are You a Good Listener?

The best tip to help you this year is be a good listener! Sounds simple, right? Today with all the noises, cell phones, gadgets and stress of what needs to be done next, people are becoming poor listeners.

Job Interview Questions – The Two Most Effective But Hated Ways to Improve Your Delivery

When the time comes to answer job interview questions many job candidates let their nerves get the best of them. Stuttering, staring off into space, losing their train of thought, and screwing their face up into ridiculous shapes as they struggle for the right words, they are promptly shown the door.

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