How Much Does Kamp Kenan Make on YouTube

What Makes Me Happy at Work?

Waking up every day excited and happy to go to work has always been a goal for me. Some jobs were like that for me and others were not. Here is my list of job activities and requirements that are important to me. What is your list? The ultimate goal is job success. This is more apt to happen when you are happy at work.

The Importance of Balancing Work and Family

Finding a balance between work and family can be difficult. Learn about a few tips to help.

Career Development Planning: Keys to Career Success

Career development planning: keys to finding and qualifying for the right career for overall career success. Career development planning is the key to career advancement and is a measure of tracking the progress of your career. Also, it is a dependable method to study your overall career goals and the steps taken as your accomplishments move you toward the right career. Study the keys to get you started toward career success.

How To Become A Magistrate

The role of a magistrate is clearly one that requires a high level of professionalism and responsibility. As a result of this, there comes a selection process that requires a similar level of preparation. If you want to become a magistrate then you will need to work hard and prepare fully for each stage.

How To Get a Year-End Bonus – Last Minute

In the ideal world, you would use your company’s year-end to reflect on goals accomplished and to set the stage for next year’s performance review and bonus discussion. It can take a year to proactively lobby for the right projects and attract the right attention. However, if it’s year-end now and you haven’t prepared yet for this year’s bonus discussion, then you need to focus on last-minute moves.

What Employers Don’t Want to Hear

Most job seekers know the ABC of a good job interview; dress the part, sit up straight, be confident, ask questions about the job…etc. But have they thought of what not to say?

The Steps to Getting a Promotion

We all want to be proud of where we work and what we provide for our company. Are you wanting or maybe struggling to get ahead or out of your current position? Here are 4 strategies for you to implement to help you get promoted?

Soft Skills No One Should Go Without!

Most job seekers wish they could unlock the secrets to getting hired in today’s hectic marketplace. You don’t have to be a genius to know that it’s a tough time to land a job nowadays. Global unemployment, as officially measured, remains at record highs for the third straight year since the start of the economic crisis.

Trucker – Are You An Owner Operator or Are You Contemplating Becoming One?

This article is being written for both, those who are already driving their own rig and those who believe that the grass is greener on the other side. After reading that comment you probably think you know where this is going to go. Actually it is meant only to be an eye opener and a few questions that you need to consider at sometime during the experience we call being an owner operator or an O/O for short.

Finding Fulfillment in a Second Career

Looking for better fulfillment, workers are now checking out second careers that provide continuing income with the promise of greater meaning. These second acts are similarly identified as encore careers. Preferred fields for these encore careers are health care, green jobs, education, non-profit, government and social entrepreneurship.

Preparing to Go Into Law Enforcement

An extremely demanding and exciting career is law enforcement, and many young individuals are drawn to this career because of all the glamour, but what they fail to see is the amount of effort needed to prepare to be a part of this profession. They might spend time going through magazines that sell tactical gear, dreaming of adventures like James Bond. Even though such dreams are perfectly normal, it is also important to realize the requirements for becoming a law enforcement officer.

What Your Boss Won’t Tell You Face to Face!

The boss-employee story has two sides. While one side is all about the bitter experiences caused by our bosses, the other side clearly shows that employees are not the only ones having a hard time dealing with their bosses. Bosses too get sick of their employees at times; they not only have to stay on top of what their staff is doing, but they also have to deal with all kinds of employees.

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