How Much Does Karolina Żebrowska Make on YouTube

Thinking About a Future Career in Hydrogen Cell Technology?

What sort of green job might you like to do in the future? How about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful green and alternative energy career for you?

Looking For a Potential Career in the Financial Field?

Are you doing well financially, many people are despite all the doom and gloom on TV about the economy. Many people do have good jobs or have saved their money properly and not abused the bottle or their credit cards. Indeed, those who lost 45% on their 401Ks or Mutual Funds are back up where they were almost, as things have actually recovered somewhat.

Are You Complacent? (…and Might Not Know It?)

You would think that bad business results would be enough to shake people out of complacency, but complacency is more common than we think. In the current economic climate, you might assume that workers would be too worried to be complacent. But that’s not true. Because people will do whatever possible to alleviate their anxieties and worries, they go to any lengths to avoid discomfort. Usually that means, don’t rock the boat, hang on to what used to work. So it’s only human nature to be complacent. When 70% of change efforts fail, it’s because people never felt a sufficient sense of urgency, according to John Kotter, author of a Sense of Urgency.

Do You Think Or Do You Just Have Thoughts?

This is a tough job market, but there are jobs and opportunities available; you just need to be willing to search them out. The way to do that is by THINKing and ACTing! You do this by looking outside of your box! Do you know what color your box is? Read on and find out what’s in the box by looking from the outside in.

How to Get Your First Six Sigma Gig

In today’s economic climate newly trained Six Sigma Green Belts or Six Sigma Black Belts may not be working for an employer who will let them lead a Six Sigma project. How is a person supposed to get the experience they need to become fully certified or employed as a Six Sigma Belt? This article provides some pointers.

Student Career Research – 4 Key Points to Consider!

If you’re a current or prospective student, wondering what on earth you could possibly do with the course you’re on, or planning to take, then you’re certainly not alone. There are, however, a few key points that can make the process a little simpler, and if you’re in the throes of student career research, here are our top 4 key points to consider.

Multi-Employment Compensation – Both Hands on the Wheel Through a Downturn

Among the largest and most showy employers, demand for positions is obviously high, as oftentimes they offer the best benefits, working conditions and pay–not to mention the prestige of saying who you work for at social gatherings. But to me, the best employee benefit is being plugged into the culture in which I live and move, and with which I jibe. And that is why I enjoy working for small business, and lots of it, so to speak.

Teaching Jobs – 3 Important Pointers

It’s been said that there’s no such thing as the “perfect” teaching job. While this may be true, you can still find a job that is personally satisfying.

A Basic Primer For Starting a Career in the Facilities Maintenance Field

OK, so you’re new to the facilities maintenance field, or hope to be, and you have stumbled across this article and hope that it can help you land that position in the maintenance field. It can if you are brutally honest about your abilities and willingness to learn.

Master Office Politics and Tame the Beast

Office politics is a subject much maligned by people who ironically need to understand it the most. They denounce it, boast that they never engage in it and then proclaim themselves victims when they run awry of it. Like in Aesop’s fables, where the beast invariably hurts those who naively fail to take into account its basic nature, people who think the organizational politics beast can simply be avoided will eventually get hurt by this careless approach. Far better to study it, understand it, predict it, tame it and harness its power.

I Need Help Deciding What Career to Choose – 4 Key Points to Consider!

Any time you decide to venture out there into the wide world of the gainfully employed, you’re sure to have a lot of concerns. Not the least of which is what to choose! On that score, at least, we can help. Consider these 4 key points when thinking “I need help deciding what career to choose.”

Secure Your Contacts to Obtain the Security of Government Employment

One of the very few bright spots in this worst job market since the 1929 Depression is USAJOBS, the official website of the US Federal Government. Federal employment is exploding!

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