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Job & Career Interviews – How They Dominate Your Working Life

Every time you take part in any meeting of any importance your performance is being judged by others, either consciously or unconsciously. Career-move meetings i.e. interviews are the the golden opportunity to market your skills and experience so that the decision-makers will value your potential contribution to the new company in the best way possible. If you leave it to chance, without ever enhancing this performance, you will never achieve your optimum levels of responsibility and seniority, let alone financially!

Four Little-Used Career Advancement Secrets – You Are a Business, So Go Out and Act Like One

Beyond the usual blah-blah job search advice of putting together a great resume, monitoring and other job listing websites, putting the word out via Facebook or Linked In and getting out and networking, there are four additional if little-used techniques that can ensure your career advancement momentum stays strong and effective. In fact, these techniques are so little-used they might for all practical purposes be labeled “secrets.”

Guide to Retiring Before You’re Tired Or Fired! (8)

Strategies for planned retirement I know, without being told, that the large community of people who are jobless are up in arms against me for daring to suggest in last week’s column that they take up ‘menial jobs’ in order to feed themselves and their families. “Who does this man think we are?” I could hear one of them scoff.

Career Training Programs – A Head Start in Your Life!

Are you confused about what career path to choose? If you have just finished high school, four years of university seems like a daunting task all over again. Yet, after all that, you still might not be sure about what you want to do with your life.

Career Training Institute – The Way to Go Ahead!

You finish high school and enter a university. Once you complete your studies you will no doubt be among thousands who enter the job market with a degree. The competition is fierce for most jobs and if you don’t possess the cutting edge to succeed, chances are that you’d fail in the first round itself.

Advantages of Attending a Career Training School?

A four year college is not always the best education after leaving school. Many graduates from universities have degrees from popular universities. However, most of them are unsure on how to look for a job once their education is over. Some graduates who manage to get employed find it difficult to excel in that field because of the lack of hands-on experience.

Embark on a Career Education Training Program!

Do you sometimes feel the work you engage in, is repetitive and mundane? Or perhaps your job satisfaction has hit an all time low, and you feel there is little scope for development. Since most of us spend a better portion of our day at our workplace, we should strive to move past these stumbling blocks and create a more stimulating work environment for ourselves; and one of the initial steps we can take to do so, is to embark on a career education training program.

How to Assess Suitable Career Training Institutes?

When assessing suitable career training institutes, it is imperative that the school offers a relevant study program in the student’s chosen profession. Also ensure that the minimum requirements set by the institute are met, in order to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Career Training Program – Do You Need It?

If you are already employed, you are likely to want more out of your job after a few years time. When there are many people around you who are already on the right track of succeeding, why are you still stuck undecided? There are so many opportunities today that you can easily grab onto.

Health and Safety Jobs For Construction – Getting Hired

Among all of the lines of work available to you, construction is special in many ways. Only in construction can you actually be involved in the physical creation of a new building, bridge or other structure. Of course, construction workers and managers need to work in a safe environment. Here are some tips about the skills and experience needed to get hired.

Career Training Programs Help You to Achieve Higher Levels of Education

Career training programs help you to achieve higher levels of education, thus higher levels in your career. In today’s competitive world of professionalism, where academic qualifications, people skills and good personality play a combined role to get you to the top of the ladder of success, partaking in relevant career training programs becomes crucial. There are many opportunities for career training in various institutions.

Career Paths For Those Who Would Like to Learn a Trade

Many people are looking for a career option that provides steady pay and benefits, but they do not want to sit at a desk all day. They can choose from a variety of options.

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