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Successful Business Ideas – Do What You Love

Even during dark economic times people start new businesses and thrive. All it really takes is a good plan and determination to succeed. Getting started should be easy so let’s look at the process for finding a successful business. When searching for successful business ideas look, to what you love for inspiration.

Top Ten Tips For Negotiating a Job Offer

One aspect of doing meaningful work is to feel adequately compensated for that work. For that reason it is important to negotiate a good job offer. Before you accept an offer make sure you understand exactly what the job offer is. This tip list will help you to prepare for negotiating and to understand the negotiation process.

Ten Ways to Sweeten the Job Or Job Offer

One aspect of meaningful work is being compensated adequately for the work that you do. If it seems unlikely that your firm will raise your salary, then try negotiating other aspects of your job. Read this list of 10 ways to get other benefits incorporated into your job offer or compensation package for the year and to get ideas about how to improve a lackluster offer.

LEED Exam Prep Ain’t Easy

A brief and somewhat humorous description of my trials and tribulations with studying for the LEED AP exam for new construction. I passed the exam on June 1, 2009.

Negotiate Your Salary

So you got the position you always wanted. The work atmosphere is fun and it develops wide open opportunity. Now is the time to discuss the salary. Even though the salary negotiation is usually at the last stage, it doesn’t mean this stage is not too important.

The Advantages of Having a Career in Information Technology

More than just wide variety of opportunities, being in this industry also provides other interesting benefits to the IT personnel. One of these is the ability to live in the 21st century and go along smoothly with its advancement. While the rapid change in this technology can be considered as one of its downfalls, constant studying and self- development are truly vital to be successful and stay in this field.

I Want to Change My Job (But I’m in My Forties Already)

Many of us arrive in a stage in our life where we felt we are trapped in our job and got nowhere else to go. We want to change course but we are afraid to take the risk. Most of us opted to stay in a job we don’t like.

We’re Checking Your References

Years ago, a company’s ability to check references was mostly limited to two things: access to the telephone and enough time to make the calls. Most references involved calling personal and business contacts a candidate had provided to the potential employer. Those days have changed.

Keys to Success in Your Career

Finding and keeping a job today is a difficult task, and my success has come from three goals to live by. The ability to learn and achieve success is not a hard thing to accomplish, but many people don’t realize that the simple things in their attitude and work ethic can make a huge difference.

Knowing the Job of a Veterinary Technician

Do you have idea about veterinary technicians? Many people are not familiar with this profession as they are not pet lovers. In general, they are also known as animal health technicians or veterinary nurses. In short, we can call them “vet techs”.

Finding Your Perfect Career

How do you find your perfect career? By the time most of us graduate from high school, we have not really given much thought to our careers and if we have, we often find ourselves focused on “money careers”-that is, those careers we believe will fatten up our bank accounts rather than satisfy our souls.

Top 10 Salaries For UK Jobs

Although there is no definitive ‘Top 10’ in terms of salary, since many companies offer good salaries and then top up the salary with bonuses or company shares, increased pension pot etc, there are some jobs that are definitely well paid, although they can be hard to secure an opening in! The key issue to note here is that this is the top 10 list of salaries, so salaries are for staff/company directors etc. Celebrities and entrepreneurs do not tend to have salaries, they share the profits or simply take the profits, so this list does not include pop stars or general celebrities, it is more focussed on ‘real’ jobs!

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