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Nurse Practitioner Salary – Getting to Know

The very high nurse practitioner salary is definitely one of the many reasons why a lot of people want to become nurses. In some countries, medical doctors take up nursing courses in the hope of landing a nursing job in the US, where nursing salaries are much higher than salaries of doctors in third world countries. In the US, professionals from the different industries also pursue a career in nursing due to the high financial rewards that await them.

10 Ways Halloween Is Like Your Career

Halloween season is here! While considering ideas for Halloween costumes and whether you want to wear a costume at all, here is some Halloween-themed career advice to help with your career planning and development, courtesy of a career consultant from the recruiting industry…

The Oil Industry As Pertaining to Jobs

The oil economy is a large force that is the driving force for the world economy. Disruptions in this market affect the world at large due to its global nature. It is largely susceptible to political, geographical and economic changes.

How Your Attitude Can Define You

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar. Nothing will stop you in your career track like a bad attitude. You can be the smartest individual in the room, but if you have a bad attitude, you are going nowhere fast.

Claim Detective: The True Role of a Medical Biller

The internet is full of sites about medical billing jobs. These pages and articles promote medical billing as a stable and growing job, but many people misunderstand what the role of a medical billing specialist actually is. The job sounds like a data entry and claims filing position, but in most companies, it is so much more.

Patient Presentation Secrets

Are there really any secrets to presenting and closing patients? Oh ya! Probably the second most common question asked from doctors (right behind “how do I get new patients?”). So what are they?

A Recession-Proof Career – Medical Billing

Doctors everywhere rely more and more on professionally trained staff members for their daily office procedures. The same holds true for hospitals and their billing departments. Rapid technological advances deepen the need for highly skilled personnel. Billing practices have changed a lot over the years.

Simple and Practical Tips on Finding a Job

After graduation, the next step is to find a job. Job searching is a very challenging and competitive phase of your life. Every year, thousands of graduates from different universities and colleges are added into the number of job hunters and unemployed. In the present economy, landing on a job is difficult.

Starting at the Bottom With an Entry Level Medical Billing Job

Medical billing is a necessity for any health care provider. According to the Department of Labor, employment opportunities for trained medical billing specialist will continue to increase.

What Factors Affect Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries?

Many people desire to enter the medical field. Certified Nursing Assisting can be a great opportunity to introduce yourself into the medical profession and also to create a high level of self-satisfaction. CNAs have many responsibilities, all of which are taught through various training programs, and work directly under the guided assistance of an RN.

Job Description of a Nursing Aid

A nursing aid has many important duties. Nursing aids, also often referred to as personal care assistants, patient care technicians, and most commonly Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), are skilled and trained professionals with various responsibilities. There are diverse opportunities for employment, ranging from hospitals, to nursing homes, and even home health care.

Lawyers, Accountants and Finance Professionals Are Shaking

There will be fewer lawyers, accountants and finance professionals needed in the future, as companies are trying to control bottom line. What will win you the job or keep the one you already have is outstanding communications.

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