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Interview Prep Made Easy

There are dozens of tips, maybe hundreds, that can be found online and through other sources to help you fully prepare for your next interview. Analyzing such tips over the years, I have found that everything boils down to 3 key elements.

10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Social Media Criticism

A single lapse in careful thinking or not using good judgment just one time (on the Web) can be responsible for you bring turned down for good job; refused some other prize or developing a poor reputation among your peers. Please consider the ten items listed above among the best ways to protect yourself on the Web from sharing “too much information” with others.

SIA Licence Training: Everything You Need to Know

To work as a security guard for the leisure or private security industry, here in the UK you’re required to gain a licence from the SIA (Security Industry Authority). You may then have permission, in many sections, to operate in the security industry.

Confusing Resume Trashed By HR

Creating a combination resume is tricky. A hybrid resume is primarily the same thing as a combination resume utilizing both the features of a functional and chronological. Make sure that you submit your best work to the hiring personnel.

Online Freelance Writing: Why It’s Easier to Land These Types of Freelance Writing Gigs

It’s easier than ever to freelance and make money the web, especially as an online writer. Following are three irrefutable reasons why.

You Can Retire As An Executive And Become a Business Consultant

Retiring executives have the skills and knowledge they need to transition into highly-paid business consultants. But former execs can be blindsided by the sudden isolation of being a solopreneur. That’s why finding or pulling together a support team can be an important part of the transition from executive to independent consultant.

Best Jobs For Artists

The job market for artist is a very fickle one. Just ask any number of designers that was hot one minute and a name on everyone’s lips hat have faded into obscurity.

A Career As a Phlebotomy Technician May Be For You

If perhaps you are searching for a great chance to work in health care in a discipline that is definitely expected to experience a substantially higher growth as compared to average, you might want to consider being employed as a phlebotomy technician. A phlebotomy technician gathers, investigates and assesses, body fluids and cells to aid to discover, diagnose, and treat ailments.

The Basics of EMT Training and Employment

Most of us have all witnessed an EMT or Emergency Medical Technicians in action, whether in the real world or on television. They will be the individuals who deal with a crisis together with Paramedics. These types of people may possibly also obtain training in other sorts of areas including law enforcement or fire fighting, however this isn’t regularly the case. Any time they are on the sight of an accident, the EMT is without a doubt vital in determining the patient’s circumstances, stabilizing and securing the patient, and transporting the person to the closest healthcare facility.

It’s Not About Who You Know, It’s About Who Knows You

Skimming employment and job seeking articles on the web, I came across the quintessential, “It’s About Who You Know,” article. This thought process is a give up, stop working and accept your status methodology.   Moreover, this type of thinking is not only unhealthy, it breeds jealously towards those who are successful in their career.

How Long Do You Want Your Journey to Be?

When you first decided to set up in business I know that you would have had some clear idea of how successful you could be. What you wanted, where you were going to go and how you were going to get there. But, have you been surprised about how long your journey has become?

Info on Licensed Practical Nurse

Being a licensed practical nurse would mean big responsibility not only in giving care but also interpersonal relationship with other people. Thus, it is important to obtain the suitable educational training in engaging this career.

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