How Much Does Kendra Rowe Make On YouTube

Psychological Trick To Conquer Your Competition And Never Again Be Seen As “Just Another Candidate”

In life, the “Givers” tend to give more than they “Take” and the “Takers” tend to take more than they “Give”… now this is obviously a gross generalization but there is some truth to this concept. One of the biggest challenges employers face when they get hundreds of resumes and applications is that it’s hard to decipher the “givers” from the “takers.”

Men: Top 7 Tips Dressing for an Interview

Top tips for men on how to dress for an interview or any important business occasion. Learn about fit, style and how to make a great first impression.

How to Follow Up With a Potential Client

A prospect contacts you about using your services, but wants to learn more. You send him or her the requested information, and then you don’t hear from them. Do you shrug your shoulders and chalk it up to a lack of interest on their part, or do you follow up with them and help sell yourself? Hopefully it’s the latter.

What To Do When a Client Cancels

A few years ago I had a dining etiquette seminar booked with a large corporation. Two weeks before the session, they called me and said, “We want to move the training to two days later than scheduled.” Unfortunately, I was scheduled to travel to New Jersey that day. I asked them if they could pick a time the following week and they replied, “No, the group was only there for that week.” When we realized the dining session wouldn’t take place, the company wanted a full refund.

The Art of a Good Thank You Note

These days you’re more likely to receive a hastily dashed-off email, text message, Facebook posting, or even a tweet as a message of thanks than a personal thank you note that shows a true appreciation for your assistance. Some people don’t bother to say thanks at all. To me, that’s unacceptable. If someone took the time to do a good deed or offer help, you can certainly take a moment to write them a tasteful thank you note. Read on for note-writing etiquette pointers.

Why Taking a Break Can Also Make You More Effective At Work

When my husband suggested I stop working Saturdays I was worried that by taking a break from my home business, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands of my clients, but in fact the opposite was true. By not working on Saturdays, I seemed to be getting more done on the days that I did. At first this seemed counter intuitive, but over time I made some observations that help to explain why working less can actually be more…

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

Years ago a friend of mine was working in an entry-level job at a magazine where bylines were hard to come by. The magazine had an internship program and the editor offered a rare story assignment to one of the new college recruits. The intern’s response? “Um, I don’t really know anything about that topic.” She turned down the article! The editor was clearly flummoxed. My friend waited a few moments and then approached the editor about writing the story herself. The editor was grateful and my friend scored not only her first published article, but a great career lesson: Never say “I can’t” or “I don’t know.”

Achieving Your Desire As A Better Chef

This article will help a chef to become a better one in his or her profession. It provides useful tips to chefs in how to be an excellent chef.

So You Want To Be A Bin Man?

Read this article if you think a job as a bin man might be the right thing for you. It’s a dirty job than many people might discount but when you hear about all the benefits you might just make up your mind right here and now.

Training to Be a Life Coach

Life coaching is just among the many growing industries nowadays. Though in the US life coaching is not yet a well-embraced practice, it has however paved its way in the UK. Many individuals are now training to be life coaches. Aside from the fact that you are able to reach out to others, being a life coach also enhances one’s whole being.

Can You Get A Job As A Recycler?

Read this article if you are keen to make a big difference to your environment and get paid at the same time. There are many jobs which you can do that will allow you to recycle all day, some of the best of which are as follows.

What You Need To Know About A CNA Salary

When an individual makes the decision to head into a new career and help a person they will head to the nursing industry. This is an important thing that needs to be looked at on a regular basis, and the reason is that you need to know what is involved when talking about CNA salary. There is a decent amount of money that can be made when a person makes the decision to invest in this world of medical help and take a new role as that of the healer. While the job may not always be the easiest…

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