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A Few Facts About Medical Billing and Coding ICD 9

Medical billing and coding is a high-demand job that is slowly with high pay. To become one, you need right training, a necessary attention to detail, and a load of responsibility. This responsibility is critical in an area known as ICD 9.

7 Tips to Make Sure You Get a Job Promotion

So you’ve been at a company for what seems like forever but you haven’t received a job promotion? Here are five tips to make sure that you don’t get passed over for that next job promotion.

Why Should You Start Your Own Spring Cleaning Service For Extra Income?

Springtime has finally come back around, which means it’s time to begin spring cleaning. When it comes to spring cleaning, the majority of people like to follow a tradition where the brain says that you should be cleaning, while your body would much rather be watching TV. Manual labor in all its forms, especially those involving organization, has always been something that most would like to avoid as much as possible.

CAFS: What Does It Mean?

CAFS stands for Certified Air Filter Specialist, a title given to the graduates of the Certified Air Filter Specialist Program administered by the National Air Filtration Association. This program is designed to ensure that all of the graduates of the program who pass the certification exam possess a sound knowledge of the principles, methods, and applications of air filtration and air filters. The CAFS program curriculum focuses on the knowledge of different types of air filters and the proper use for each variety.

How to Improve Your Soft Skills – 5 Tips

How to improve soft skills is an important question to answer for your career success. Here are 5 tips to start improving your soft skills today.

Tips on How to Have a Successful Career

Why does it seem that some people are on the fast track to a highly successful career while other get left behind in the dust? Read this article for tips on how to have a successful career.

Choosing Plumbing As a Career Path

Plumbing can be a very rewarding as well as lucrative career. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to plumbing related jobs, so it is a matter of finding the area that one is most interested in. As with many technical jobs, plumbing requires a certain level of expertise. There are technical schools throughout the world that offer specialized training in this. Depending on the trade school, courses can be as short as a few months or can be as long as several years.

What Makes an Effective Leader at the Workplace?

The extent of growth and success of an organization depends on effective leadership of the managers or other key employees. Leadership is not just managing things. It is actually doing right things at the right time in a right way. Being a good manager is, therefore, different from being a good leader.

Part Time Jobs – Essential Things You Need To Know And Think About!

If you’re looking for a part time job – why? Presumably because you need to earn the money. Very few people take on part time work for the fun of it. Whether it’s a necessity, to enable you to afford those little extras, to put aside more savings for a better future or some other reason it’s the money that’s the driver. Part time jobs are often at unsocial hours and poorly paid so why would you want to disrupt your life for that? There must be a better way surely.

5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

If you ask 10 people about your resume, you are likely going to receive 10 different responses. Declaring a resume as “good” is subjective; be prepared to hear different feedback from each person that reviews your resume. Although everyone has their opinions about how to layout or improve a resume, there are “correct” ways that you can improve your existing resume to make sure that it stands out.

Business Skills Necessary To Start Your Own Company

Working hard and working long isn’t necessarily enough if you want to start up your own business. Your success will be dependent upon a number of key attributes, and it is absolutely imperative that you display certain business skills if you want to achieve success. There are skills that you will require to get your business off the ground, and others that you need to keep it running successfully in the long term.

IT Skills – Are They Recession Proof?

The last two decades have experienced the electrifying boom in the world of IT with billions of people around the globe relying increasingly on computer technology. Almost all businesses therefore expect at least a little IT or computer support which is great news for anyone who is IT qualified! The more that technology improves and grows, the more jobs in the IT field also arise, hence one of the number 1 reasons why IT courses are being given encouragement and priority in most countries worldwide.

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