How Much Does King of Reads Make on YouTube

How To Become One Of The Best Doctors

In life, some people get callings or inclinations to go into a certain field of work. Someone whose life is saved by a lifeguard for example might then go into protecting people in a similar fashion. If you suddenly find yourself feeling like you could best serve the world as a doctor of medicine, you will at the same time probably start wondering how you could accomplish that exactly.

The 70/20/10 Career Model

I compare other 70/20/10 development models to the field of career development. I further propose how professionals enrich their careers through a proposed use of the model.

Reasoning Ability Test 101

Reasoning ability tests are administered during a job interview to measure the logical ability and capacity of an individual in different situations. Those that fair well in this type of test are considered proficient in diagnostics and interpreting data.

Create A Job With Meaning and Purpose

Whenever I tell people that I own my own business, work out of my home, and set my own hours, I inevitably get some variation of “Must be nice!” as a response. Actually, it is, but I don’t think what I find “nice” about my situation is what they mean when they say it. This response comes from a mindset that is all too prevalent that work and jobs are drudgery and toil – something we have to do – not something we choose to do that is a part of who we are – an expression of our natural strengths and talents.

Color Consultant: Through the Eyes of an Expert

Color is the strongest visual stimuli there is. It has many applications especially in the business world. There are trained people who have an exceptional skill in determining the right colors to use for a specific purpose. Color consultants can analyze the effects of color to a person and use it in a practical way.

Real Estate Marketing Consultant: The Virtue of Working Smart

Self-sufficiency is the secret to being a successful real estate marketing consultant. The race against time is a constant pressure that needs to be faced every day. Working hard may not be enough. Working smart and being time efficient are important skills to have in this career.

Finding the Best Certified Nursing Assistant School

Studying to be a certified nursing assistant can be very demanding and so can the course of study that you must take. There are great rewards and benefits in becoming a part of the healthcare profession. Because of all responsibilities that must be learned and other thinks that you must know, you will need to enroll into a certified nursing assistant or CNA schools. This may cost you some money but it should be considered an investment in your future. Finding the right school for you will help you in achieving your training so that you can get on with your future.

7 Tips to Creating a Successful Beauty Portfolio

If you are looking for work as a beauty professional it is key that you have a quality beauty portfolio. Read on for 7 tips to create a successful beauty portfolio.

Beauty Portfolios – What Are They?

You are looking for work as a beauty professional? Then you need a beauty portfolio to showcase your skills to prospective employers and clients. Read on for more details on how to create a beauty portfolio and what to include within it.

Which Beauty Portfolio Should I Have? 4 Types of Beauty Portfolio

There are Four Types of Beauty Portfolios to help you showcase your talents as a beauty professional and show prospective employers and clients. Read on to discover which type of portfolio is more suitable to you and your skills.

Business Attire for Women on the Move

From zipping around the city from client meeting to partner lunch, to traveling cross-country or cross continent on a regular basis, business often requires women to be on the move. For women who need to look their professional best and want to maintain comfort through long hours and distances, this can pose a challenge. Not to worry: You can still look chic after spending days on the road or hours on the go, with a few extra wardrobe considerations.

Five Myths About Freelance Work – Exposed!

You’ve heard them. The myriad excuses why one has considered freelance work, but rejected it. Or, perhaps you are considering freelance work, and are trying to sort out the fact from the fiction. Or, perhaps you have decided upon freelance work and are getting the rundown from your parents, or from a well-meaning friend. In any event, you are now no doubt left with some false impressions, and possibly with many questions. I hope to answer some of those questions here, while simultaneously offering up a realistic view of what you can expect if you are considering entering into the fray. So read up – and consider your decision well.

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