How Much Does Kristen Kasper Make on YouTube

5 Specialty Career Options in Sonography

Ultrasound technicians have many options available for specialized training and certification. Pursuing such options can enhance career and salary potential while responding to the increasing need for specialized and sophisticated sonography services in healthcare settings nationwide. The following sections provide an introduction to each of ten specialty career areas open to sonographers.

In the “In Between Time”

In almost every setting that we find ourselves including social events, parties, weddings, family gatherings, conferences and even chats with our neighbors we can all count on the age old question of so “What do you Do For A Living” will come up sometime or another in the conversation. Most of us stick out our chest and proudly announce statistics that are associated with our jobs, such as occupation, job title, or place of employment. We generally associate with the one or two data points that we…

How To Make Your Job Exciting Again

If you have been in the same job or industry for a while, it’s feasible to assume that you’ve probably mastered every aspect of your position. This is the Danger Zone!

Lessons Learned in Hiring Senior Executives

In today’s business environment, leaders are critical to the success of the enterprise. There are five qualities every leader should demonstrate.

Making Sure Your New Career Is the Right One

If you find the title of this post really interesting, it must be because you feel there is something in your life that you want to change, which must be your career. You are not the first and only person in the world to feel that way. In fact, even the most successful people out there have experienced the need to quit what they were doing and start searching for that particular career that will give them satisfaction.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be An Entrepreneur

I encounter some really interesting folks in the internet marketing/ entrepreneur world. I find myself hearing a lot of the same concerns and questions. In the midst of all the conversations, emails, and social media interactions, I’ve come up with a simple five point list that I think may helpful for folks who are discerning if they should be an entrepreneur or not.

REALITY CHECK: Sometimes No One Cares About You Or Your Business – Succeed Anyway!

No one cares is a universal dread. The fear of planning a party, sending out the invitations, buying all the supplies, putting on your best party outfit only to discover that no one cares and as a result no one shows up.

Effective Management: Management Techniques That Can Help

Effective management is a result of long term experience and training. Successful people are often gifted with good management skills. A good manager should be knowledgeable and proficient in applying different management techniques. These techniques would depend on the type and nature of workforce that the manager has to handle.

Leadership Lessons Learnt Whilst Sitting in a Boat

Have you ever achieved a dream that you’d never thought possible? In 2009, I competed at the National Championships for Dragon Boat racing – a sport that I’d only taken up in mid-2008. It was something that I’d never thought possible. I took away some valuable lessons from this experience which can also be applied to our working lives.

Tips to Getting a Substantial Profit By Working Online

Here are some tips to setting up your business and working online. With patience, determination and certain software like time tracking and accounting programs, you will be able to setup your online business and begin making money from your home.

Top Five Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for Women

When you are a house wife, managing professional work and family life together becomes a difficult task. That is where the concept of part-time job becomes a lucrative option. This option offers several advantages such a more time for family and extra earning.

Ways Your Facebook Profile Could Be Keeping You From Getting Hired

It’s hard for most people to imagine living their modern lives without social networking being a part of the mix in some way, shape, or form. Whether you’re a Twitter junkie, a Facebook addict, or a Google+ convert, your social networks are more than just a simple way to stay in touch.

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