How Much Does Kumaar Family Make On YouTube

Work Now As a Promotional Model – Even If You Are Not a Model

Promotional Modeling has many different opportunities for everyone of all ages to earn money. In this economic time of more people being without jobs and needing extra money… this may be helpful. Even though this is a division of the modeling industry, there are opportunities for males and females to earn money without seeking a career as a stereotypical fashion or commercial print model.

The Most Important, Yet Most Incorrectly Used Sales Term

There are certain definitions and industry related terms that the young sales professional should learn prior to graduating college. Even though they are not difficult concepts not using them in an interview can be a disadvantage to the younger sales job seeker because, inevitably the low bar of understanding of these terms leads most college grads utilizing the terminology throughout their entry-level interviews. First and foremost, the younger sales job seeker needs to get a solid grasp on what consultative selling is and the misconceptions that people have regarding the term and the poor implementation of its core methodologies…

Summer Housing for Summer Internships in Austin and Seattle

Summer housing for a summer internship can be a daunting task to line up. This article provides a list of summer housing options for Austin, TX and Seattle, WA.

Slippery Little Suckers – The Importance of Proper Dining Etiquette

The importance of proper dining etiquette can make the difference between getting that job or promotion you’re after. Do you have what it takes?

My Company Is Going Down the Tubes, Should I Walk?

There are two paths you can take if you are faced with an impending layoff with the first being to stay put and ride things out. The second track is packing up your things, saving your company the trouble of firing you along with a team of your peers in a few weeks and getting a head start on your job search.

Career Change Tips: Resigning Requires Some Planning!

After a lot of planning, some hard work adding to your skills and experience, you found a job in a new career. You have a written confirmation of your new start date, you negotiated a satisfactory salary and some needed benefits and you’re ready to make your move. How and when you tell your current employer is critical.

What To Expect For Respiratory Therapist Salary

A respiratory therapist, in conjunction with a physician’s orders, treats patients who have breathing problems. Therapists clean and test mechanical devices, connect them to patients, and operate the machines. Therapists monitor the patient’s blood gases and vital signs and chart the results. Therapists work with patients from all walks of life as well as the medical staff. Therefore, they should be able to communicate well with people at all educational levels. Respiratory therapist salary ranges can be based on many factors other than basic responsibilities.

Jobs With No College Degree – 5 Choices

It is possible for people to get 6 figure jobs with no college degree or professional education. A few will broken down and analyzed.

High Emotional Intelligence – Key to Career Advancement

Unknown and unrealized by many, emotional intelligence is the foundation for most types of career advancement: pay raises, promotions, and new opportunities outside of your current company. Emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others AND your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships with others. If you don’t know what you are feeling and why you are feeling it, if you can’t control your feelings and corresponding behavior, if you can’t “read” people’s feelings, if you don’t interact appropriately with others, then be prepared to pay a big price. Studies show that, in general, persons with low emotional intelligence tend to be more stagnant in their careers.

Projects Create Value to the Customer

Projects are launched for a reason. The final deliverable is a unique product, service, or result that is accepted by the customer. We must begin by making sure we are clear regarding customer expectations. Surprisingly, many project managers take the approach of imagining what the customer wants, which is analogous to putting the cart before the horse.

Women in Business: 10 Ways to Be Strategic in Building Your Career

What do I mean by being “strategic”? I believe there are three different kinds of women in business when it comes to managing their career progression and their life at the office in general: the expressives, the conventionals and the strategic. If you are of the “expressive” kind, you’ll be spontaneous, natural, and living the emotion of the moment with little or no filtering of your communication.

It Is Never Too Late for a Career Change!

What do you remember when you think of your twenties? For most people, memories in twenties means being fresh out of college, struggling to get into a suitable career line, working hard to make ends meet, and hoping for a bright and well-settled future.

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