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Unemployed Professionals – Tips For Transitioning to a Career As a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a viable career that anyone who can read and write can start. It has a low cost of entry, and in many cases, those who want to start working as a freelance writer don’t have to buy anything at all because they have the basics — a computer and a cell phone. If this career interests you, following is some advice on how to make the transition.

Video Conferencing – The Solution For Business Travel

Video teleconferencing, or VTC, has enabled companies to reduce or completely eliminate their annual travel expenses and those companies with international clients are really feeling the advantages of these technological marvels. These days, instead of job opportunities for those willing to travel, those same job openings are being filled by those who can navigate and perform tech service on a company’s teleconferencing system. It’s been a cure-all for companies working hard to reduce overhead.

Labor With Love

What is it that makes work truly enjoyable? People! If you are in a management position, a few thoughts from this author may give you a different perspective on doing your job, and inspiring others to excel in theirs!

How to Stand Out in the Work Place – Tips For Getting Noticed

With the economy the way that it is right now, many people are justifiably worried about getting all of the attention that they need in the work place. This is especially true because your coworkers are going to be working just as hard as you are to get noticed. The following tips can really solve your workplace problems.

Lifetime Employment is a Thing of the Past – Today You Need a Brand to Survive!

Have you ever wondered what happened to lifetime employment? Did you know that experts predict that most people will have from 4 to 12 DIFFERENT careers over their working lifetime? These are harsh facts and here are some suggestions to help you prepare for what many consider to be the inevitable.

Career Success – Defining Your Professional Vision – Getting to Where You Want to Be

The Vision phase reminds me of an important lesson I learned during my years as an assault helicopter pilot. In my experience, I have never been involved with a more densely packed, highly motivated, and capable group of Alpha Male -Type A individuals. When we received a night mission tasking we all wanted to immediately jump in our helicopters and fly away. But the unglamorous truth is the amount of preparation and coordination to deliver troops on target and on time required at least two hours of planning to every hour of flight time.

Employment is Hard to Come By – 7 Easy Ways to Lose Your Job

Once a job has been obtained, it is very easy to be sacked for the slightest indiscretion because there are so many more workers than there are jobs, it seems. In order to best perform at a job, it is important for people to know what not to do at a job just as much as they should know what they should be doing.

Online Travel Agent Jobs – Tips For Success

The trend of online travel agent jobs is fast catching on. Here’s how you can succeed at it.

John Lewis Jobs For the Career-Driven Graduate

Are you a graduate looking for the first step to a good career? Take a look at John Lewis jobs and see what you could achieve.

Legal Assistant Jobs – What Do They Involve?

How do legal assistant jobs work? What must you do to get into one of them? Here are the answers you have been looking for.

Physician’s Salary – What is It?

A physician’s salary depends on many factors ranging from the level of experience of the professional to the geographical location of the practitioner. Find out more.

Knockout Thank You Notes

You may not have performed well in your interview but it does not mean that you have already lost your opportunity to get the job. Your second chance may come in the form of a sample thank you note to help you write the best note possible.

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