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How to Become Recognized at Work

Missing out on office parties? Not getting asked out on special occasions at work and play? Finding it difficult to make new friends? Fewer and fewer people greeting you with hellos in the morning? Sometimes you might think there must be a full moon when things do not go your way. And, sometimes you are right to blame it on the moon. It is not fair to blame the ever changing moon, but what else have you been taught over the years? Blaming the moon, the weather and someone else seems to be the most protective way to get it off your shoulders.

How to Get a Promotion at Your Job

Do you feel that you are in a “dead-end” job? Is your company passing you by? Maybe you are the last one that is overdue for a promotion. If any of these topics are correct, your strategy needs some improving. Action steps need to be revisited. Here are some fast tips that may help you get that well deserved and maybe overdue promotion. There have been promotions and raises in salary no matter what economy issues make themselves known. There is nothing wrong with being a very concerned employee.

Popular Careers After Graduating From Medical Technician Degree Programs

As with most other sectors, medical procedures and processes are increasingly becoming automated and digitalized. Technical work has become an integral part of medical care and there is greater growth expected in the future. Medical technicians are responsible for the installation, preparation, operation and maintenance of medical machinery and equipment.

Knowing When It Is Time to Hold, Fold or Walk Away From Your Job

You will know when it is time to quit your job and move on to a much better job, career or opportunity when your company starts giving you double jobs, skipping you when new opportunities crop up, or even when they hire someone just above your job category. Also, when everybody of importance around has gone, or are being threaten with lay off or downsizing. The signs will be all over the place.

How to Utilize Your Personal Career Skills

The best way to utilize your personal career skills is to find work that matches what you do best. If you have taken the time to earn a degree or learn a trade, you want to be able to use them to make money.

10 Important Points for the PMP Exam

To pass the PMP exam, you need to have some key points ingrained in your mind forever. These points are used again and again in the PMP Exam Questions. Nothing difficult… Just simple principles, and once you understand them, you will be better prepared for the revised PMP exam.

Easy Ways to Find Job Vacancies

A lot of people nowadays are surely looking for a job. Some of them may have been affected by the retrenchment era due to the economic meltdown while some are fresh graduates who are just beginning to join the jungle of the working world. Whether you are already an expert in your field or someone who is just preparing to try out your skills and knowledge in the professional world, you might have been searching for ways to find the best job vacancies out there that best suit your experience and skills.

Interested In A Medical Coding Career? Important Things To Consider

Most hospital and healthcare provider’s places of work are very busy environments. There is a constant inflow and outflow of patients and each patient’s record must be maintained and updated. If the patient’s data is not sent to the healthcare payer (insurance agency) on time, the healthcare provider will not get paid.

Is It Really Possible to Make a Living Doing Something That You Love?

For most people, the very thought of “doing what you love” is a pipe dream. Quitting your day job and jumping into a new venture geared towards what you love just isn’t a viable option. You have bills to pay, mortgage or rent to make, car payments to deal with, childcare costs, and school loans too, so quitting your job and jumping into what you love just isn’t going to happen. Besides, part of being an adult is having a job.

American Red Cross Nursing Assistant Training

You may have never thought of going to a local American Red Cross chapter to further your education, but the fact is the American Red Cross Nursing assistant training programs are some of the best NAT programs that you can attend. American Red Cross Nursing Assistant Training Classes – There is no place better suited to instruct an individual in how to provide compassionate care to those in need of assistance. A nurse has a very busy job tending to the needs of all their patients.

Your Weaknesses and Strengths – Consider How Would the Pros Answer?

Interview research should be an necessary factor of your employment and career hunting strategy. A good number job seekers will spend an exhaustive amount of time to practice straightforward replies for queries about work experience and problem solving or profit making know-how. At this moment with all of that immense grounding you’ve sealed an job interview opportunity and you are sitting in front of a company recruiter or on the cell phone with a hiring manager. Don’t you just hate that moment in a career interview when you’re asked to bring to light your strengths and weaknesses?

Is Working Through Lunch Getting You That Promotion?

Are you a super-achiever who thinks that working through your lunches and eating at your desk, routinely, is the way you will get ahead? I challenge you to “think again.”

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