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Medical Coding and Billing Schools – How to Choose the One That’s Right for You!

This is an informative manual to help you choose from the many Medical Coding and Billing Schools available. The article provides significant insight into some of the factors that you must take under consideration to find the best training school for you.

Phlebotomy Certification – Guarantee Yourself a Great Career in Phlebotomy

This article covers the different aspects of a Phlebotomy Certification. Readers will discover the value of this certificate and how they can earn it to ensure themselves of a great career in the field of phlebotomy.

Onboarding Advice For Leaders In New Roles: Avoid Failure, Burnout And Succeed Quickly!

Nearly 40% of leaders in new roles fail with 18 months with the highest failure rates amongst senior executives. “Failure” includes being terminated, resigning, or performing significantly below expectations. Learn what you can do to avoid this career pitfall.

Do You Promote A Culture Of Creativity?

In today’s fast-paced culture of constant change and innovation, organizations that want to grow and prosper need to be flexible and malleable to keep up with the pace, especially if they not only want to stay with the pack, but be leaders in their field. The rigid command and control structures of yesteryear are a barrier to moving with the times.

2011 Employment Advice – Dying, Poor Industries To Avoid In Your Job Search

Upon searching for a career in 2011, despite the economy, it is with strong employment advice that you avoid certain jobs and industries. Here are some of these “trap” career choices.

Career in Agriculture in Pakistan

Agriculture and its allied profession are not merely source of employment but a complete way of life in countries like Pakistan. The future of a career in agriculture in Pakistan is very bright. One can find farming jobs, agriculture jobs very easily after successfully completing a degree programme in the field of agriculture.

Extended Unemployment And Tips to Get By

When you are without a proper, stable job for the last six months, you are on extended unemployment. You may find yourself feeling bored and restless because of this. You keep thinking of the wasted months you could have spent earning. To avoid these negative thoughts, make the most out of your extended unemployment. Here’s how.

Washington Workers Compensation Costs for Employees Are Rising

Washington workers comp is administered by the Labor and Industries (L&I) agency in Washington state. The goal of the agency is to provide compensation benefits to employees injured on the job or suffering from an illness resulting from workplace conditions. A parallel goal is to monitor costs and attempt to minimize the overall costs of workers comp in Washington.

Presenting a Good Counter Salary Offer for Nurse Job

A nursing job plays a very significant role in the health industry. Read to find out some interesting information about the average salary of the nurse and the factors responsible for determining the salary.

Myth Buster

The holidays are upon us. Parties, people getting together, hustle of the holiday. Are you caught up in the holiday excitement? Did you put your job search on hold? Are you taking a vacation? If you are one of the few people searching, there is less competition and you could get the break you’ve been waiting for.

Self-Background Checks

Self-background checks are catching on with many of today’s beleaguered job hunters. By having a background check (also called an employment screening report) run on yourself, you reassure potential employers your qualifications are genuine. At the same time, you reassure yourself that incorrect, damaging information is not being reported on you to employers and others by background-check companies.

EKG Tech Schools – Choosing an Institution to Help You Deal With Matters of the Heart

This article provides a quick guide to assist you in becoming an aspiring EKG Technician. It includes everything you need to know about finding the right school from the hundreds of EKG Tech Schools available; thus, you will be able to start your career right.

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