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Career in Life Science Industry – Guide to Clinical Research Jobs

There is a wide variety of different specialized fields in the biological sciences, and the list is growing rapidly. Although many life scientists are primarily involved in research and development, and work in the laboratory or field, you may decide you want to work in another area within the science.

Do’s and Don’ts During Computer Forensic Job Openings

Applying for a computer forensics job may sound simple, but it is indeed something which needs skills in order to be the one chosen. Below are some of the Do’s and Don’ts to consider during job openings.

The Right Way to Resign

So, you’ve got a new job all lined up, you can’t stand your boss, and you’re itching to move on to bigger and better things. As much fun as it might be to give your soon to be, ex-employer a dressing down and march off in a big huff, surrounded by a wave of applause from your colleagues, it’s perhaps best left to the movies! Resignation is never fun but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare, so here are my top tips.

Without a Job and Nothing to Fall Back On

Many people today are finding themselves without jobs and even more distressing is the fact that they have no skills to fall back on. Companies and employers are still fearful of the economy and so they are cutting costs as well as employees. Therefore, it is a good ideal to have a second career instead of only one.

Training – Use the “5 Ws and H” Formula to Plan Your Training Session

A basic tenet of good journalism is to use the formula of the “5 W’s and H” to write news stories: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. It’s an invaluable formula that works well in all kinds of endeavors, not the least of which is training. The best way to plan for a training session is to answer these six questions.

Graduates – Is it Time For Fight Or Flight From a University Degree?

It’s a tough time for graduates in the current job market. The recession has made job hunting more and more competitive. So graduates, are you ready for the fight?

Time For a Change of Career?

Deciding whether you are ready for a new career can mean many sleepless nights. There’s a lot to consider and will it all be worth it? If you’re thinking about a new start, make sure you have considered the following things, to ensure you make the decision that’s right for you.

Be Internet Aware – How to Stop Yourself From Being Conned in the Job Market

The Inernet has become a useful tool for recruitment and job seeking, but as with anything great, there is always a downside. Scammers are targeting jobseekers and asking them to part with money. Find out how you can avoid this happening to you by being internet aware.

How to Leave Your Job and Keep Your Dignity, and Maybe Your Stapler if it’s a Good One

Alright, I’m joking about the stapler – probably best not to condone petty office theft. But we all know that working your notice period can be tough, especially as you might be just itching to leg it out of the office as fast as you can. Here is my guide to surviving those dreaded final days at work.

Internet Job Seeking – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Job seeking scams are rife on the internet, and it’s easy to be caught out. Stay ahead of the game by adhering to these simple rules of how to job hunt safely.

How to Get a Job Without Previous Experience

How do you tackle the catch-22 of job seeking: you won’t have experience unless you get a job, but you can’t get a job without experience, and so goes on the never-ending cycle! The good news is; there are things that you can do to dodge the experience barrier. Here are my top tips to improve your chances of securing that dream job.

Redundancy Advice – What Can You Do Next?

If you’ve been made redundant, you might not know what to do next. Have a look at this help and advice to help you get back on the road to recovery…

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