How Much Does LadyTSensations Make on YouTube

Career Options For Lifelong Learners

When you are faced with the prospect of having to go back to college, you shouldn’t let it get you down. In fact, there are all sorts of people who choose to go back to college.

How to Promote Your Product in a Television Campaign

I am about to finish a product and I was thinking about a similar campaign for the Ginsu knives. I do not want a teleshopping ad, because it would mean to give too much for free. Where and how to localize marketing companies?

5 Educational Careers – Choose the One That’s Right For You

If you’re looking for a growing, stable career field, consider education. The education industry offers opportunities in a variety of jobs, even for those who don’t want to teach. Read on to find the educational career path that’s right for you.

Free CNA Training

CNA-(Certified Nursing Assistant) is the course that focuses on the work of caring for patients and is generally considered as one of the most basic steps for those who wish to become a registered nurse. Free training is available!

Stand Up For Yourself Or Bite Your Tongue – How to Pick Your Battles at Work

Learn how to pick the right battles at work without angering your boss, upsetting your coworkers, or ruining your life. Use five simple questions to find a fight you can win. Don’t bite your tongue; stand up for yourself!

Maximum Results With Minimum Budget

Funds will not dry on costly marketing methods. Make your name with creative ways with limited budgets. We have a very limited marketing budget.

Partnerships – The Way it is Meant to Be

I created an online education portal that targets a niche global market. Part of our strategy is partnering with academic institutions and corporate. Our products and services offer a key solution to potential partners who have not yet developed a niche we are targeting us.

3 Quantifiable Answers For Your Interview Questions

As the job sections in newspapers are getting size-able and the e-mails contents in the inbox from various job sites meatier, one can hear the gong ringing loud for the interview season. Are you ready for your interview?

Duties, Responsibilities of School Resource Officer

Though the school resource officers do not enjoy a good reputation among communities, parents, teachers, and students, they play a crucial role in keeping the educational environment in schools safe and secure. Their work profile is to take disciplinary and preventive actions to avoid gang activity, terrorism, and violence in these academic institutions. The following is a brief description on the basic duties and responsibilities of these officers, how they are selected, trained, evaluated, and funded.

Latinas and Science

It is tough to be a scientist and a Latina at the same time. People can never correctly guess what I do for a living. If I tell them I have my own business, they assume I run a restaurant. The truth is that I can’t cook, but I own and have run an engineering applications firm since the early 80’s.

Is the Virtual Assistant Career For You?

More stay at home moms are looking for ways to work from home. Becoming a virtual assistant is one option. What does it take to become a virtual assistant? Where can you learn more about becoming a virtual assistant?

Plastic Surgeon – What It Takes to Be a Plastic Surgeon

The gossip columns and reality TV have projected a larger-than-life image on the industry and those who are employed in it. Plastic surgery is a growing profession and may be known for being a lucrative, but there is much more involved to being a surgeon.

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