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Mandatory Versus Choice

Options reflect a list of possibilities. Choice can be a yes/no. Mandatory means you have to do something for one reason or another. I hear so many people saying “I have to do.” In many cases, it really is a choice and not mandatory.

Virtual Workforce Tip Number 4 – Virtual Worker Personalities

After 10 years of working virtually as well as hiring virtual workers under contract, I’ve learned a few lessons about the importance of having the ‘right’ personality to be a virtual worker. There are people who may have decades of experience as an employee, but those skills and experience falter once they become their own boss. Working in a traditional corporate structure usually stifles the very qualities that make for a brilliant virtual worker: independence, creativity, risk-taking, etc.

Secrets For Success – How to Impress on the First Day of Your New Job

After months of anxious waiting, finally, you get the job. Starting work or a new job can be very exciting. At last, you get to show your skills and experiences (if any), learn new things, and meet new people. Most of all, you get paid!

Customer Types

If you love animals, I recommend that you attend one Pet-Themed Trade Show. No where else will you see aisles of dog collars, poodle hair dye, cat toilets, and cages. These shows are as big as many technology trade shows, but a lot more fun.

Professional Resume Writing – Don’t Pay an Arm and a Leg For a Resume

Are you planning on having a resume written in the near future? If so, read on. This is very important – especially in this economy. Do your due diligence if you are going to have your resume written by a professional.

Identifying Your Aspiration

I aspire to be as good a speaker (better) than Jeffrey Gitomer, Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, and Randy Pausch in their prime. Pretty high aspiration, don’t you think? It’s achievable. It’s not a fantasy. The difference between a fantasy and aspiration is action. That is why I know it’s achievable. I take action on this aspiration EVERY day. Every day, I get closer to reaching my goal. Continual practice illustrates persistence. Persistence has more to do with success than any other trait.

Career Growth in Pharmaceutical Engineering

Pharmaceutical engineering is a branch of chemical engineering that mainly uses the concepts of chemical as well as biological methods of drug synthesis. Pharmaceutical engineers can apply their skills in numerous pharmaceutical developing and drug manufacturing industries. The demands for efficient drugs that can fight with deadly diseases have increased.

Changing Careers in a Recovering Economy

Many countries may now be in recovery from the global recession, but the damage done to economies worldwide is somewhat long-lasting, especially in terms of the labor market. The UK officially came out of recession in January 2010, but the figures for the first quarter of the year show that the unemployment rate actually continued to rise.

Using LinkedIn For Long Term Career and Business Success

LinkedIn is an amazing tool. I’ve seen a wide range of folks land jobs and contracting opportunities. Careers can grow in unexpected and amazingly positive ways with this tool.

How to Make Money Shopping For Seniors

Many individuals just don’t find it cost effective to go outside of the home to work especially when the purpose is to make money to supplement the primary income. For a start the cost of transportation is getting out of control. Then there are baby sitting costs, even a work wardrobe and a lunch budget to consider.

What is a Mastermind Group & Why You Need to Be a Part of One

Having a mastermind group means that you surround yourself with people who have similar goals as yourself. You can have a mastermind group in real life or an online mastermind group.

Don’t Just Survive – 5 Ways to Thrive During Your Career Transition

A lot of people are in transition these days. And bottom-line: Transition creates stress. Whether we’re in transition by choice or not, this stress can wreak havoc on our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. At this time in your life, more than ever, you need to pay attention to the effects of that stress and learn to take care of yourself when you’re in transition. Here are 5 great ways to get started.

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