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Salary Negotiation – Know the Myths

Sometimes, simply knowing how to ask for a salary negotiation isn’t enough. For you to really be successful and get your dream job along with your dream pay, you need to know every single thing about negotiating, including the myths to it. Before entering a negotiation for a new job offer, learn about the myths and so that you know what you should do and shouldn’t do.

What You Need to Have to Be an Instrumentation Engineer

With more technology coming into the manufacturing industry, there is a growing demand for instrumentation engineers to find solutions and repair existing gauges and instruments. But what do you need to do in order to become an instrumentation engineer?

Career Change – What You Need to Think About to Make It Successful

Working away at a career you do not enjoy can be soul destroying. At the very least it can be unfulfilling. You may be successful in your career, you may take home enough money to live well, but it is no longer satisfying your need for fulfillment. How long do you stay in this career? Should you take a career change?

Customers Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Branding

Here are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” to follow as you learn to craft and master your own individual customer-centric brand image: 1. DO: Take the time you really need to thoroughly define your desired personal brand. If you don’t know what you want to stand for, it’s 100% guaranteed your customers don’t either.

You Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur Part 2

An article discussing being an Entrepreneur, your approach and mindset. Includes 10 elements for success and examples.

Private Equity Funds Database Research Tips

Included within most high end Private Equity Directory resources, are thousands of details included about the firms and key personnel. While these directories are invaluable, navigating within in them can be difficult when trying to research within the resource. This article seeks to alleviate some of these problems and offer potential solutions and time saving techniques.

Entry-Level Interviewing Myths Part 2

If you didn’t learn something or you didn’t have an internship in the industry that you are interviewing for, flat-out say so. Again, be direct and don’t look down or feel as if you’ve done something wrong. Here is a common answer to both scenarios: Shortcoming #1: You didn’t learn or study a particular subject in school: “No I did not.

Private Equity Certificate Due Diligence

There are only a few private equity certification programs out there, but it is important to complete a due diligence process on each one to determine the credibility and value of each. In this article, Private Equity Certificate Due Diligence, I give some easy strategies for completing due diligence on a private equity certification program.

What Is A Private Equity Certification Program?

Many people are not aware what a private equity certification program is. In this article I offer a broad definition of what is a private equity certification program?

Having a Hard Time Getting Along With Your Boss? Manage Up!

Your relationship with your boss is probably the most critical relationship that you have at work; it actually plays a major role in how you perceive your current job and may also impact your ability to succeed in the career of your choice. Many talented people are stuck in the conventional wisdom of expecting their bosses to manage them. They take a passive approach in whatever they do at work, waiting for orders and direction. They may even whine about a bad boss, but do little or nothing to turn things around. Let’s face it; there are actually a lot of “bosses from hell” out there, and it is unlikely that you will be able to control your boss, but there is actually something you can do to turn things around, and that is to “Manage your Boss”.

Managing a Job Search While Currently Employed

Although the national unemployment rate is closing in on 10%, it is not just those who are in transition that are seeking new employment options. There are a number of us out there who are either under employed on in a current position that offers very limited, if any future growth potential. For those of us who fall into that second category, let’s call ourselves willing transitioners, it can be very difficult to try to conduct a job search while maintaining the responsibilities of a full time position and keeping a sense of sanity in your home life….

Take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam – The Benefits of Being a Professional Engineer

Many engineering students in college are undecided about taking the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. Known in short as the FE Exam, it is the first step toward becoming a licensed professional engineer (PE). Becoming a PE is a credential that can greatly add to your engineering career.

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